Senior School House Netball and Football

22nd April 2022

On Tuesday 22nd March 2022 the whole school were very excited to be out and playing the House netball and football.  The weather was also kind to us and we were able to enjoy some fantastically competitive games.  On the netball courts the girls were able to demonstrate the skills they have been fine tuning during lessons over the course of the term.  Some excellent passing and accurate shooting especially in the Year 7 and 10 games.  At the top end of the school the Year 11-13’s were keen to get involved and support their houses. 

Out on the pitches again the boys games were fiercely competitive and some close matches ensured that the final results were quite tight. 

It was super to be out together as a whole school and the afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all concerned.  We can’t wait for more rounders, cricket and of course sports day next term!

House netball results
1st Elizabeth Seymour
Joint 2nd Victoria Courtenay/Mary Templer 

House football results 
1st Victoria Courtenay
2nd Elizabeth Seymour
3rd Mary Templer 

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