Our School

Friends of Stover

for the benefit and support of the community

FOS is comprised of parents and members of staff volunteering our time for the benefit and support of the pupils and Stover School community.  

It is our endeavour to raise money throughout the year by organising fundraising events to be enjoyed by both the pupils and families. The money raised is used to enrich both the learning, recreational and spiritual environment at the school.

Friends of Stover meet a few times a year and liaise with the school to assist in trying to raise funds for those things that the school budget does not cater for – those nice to have’s not “must haves”. This year it has raised over £12,000 that has already gone to improving all aspects of the school.Many parents, guardians may be under the illusion that to get involved with FOS will be very time consuming however we want to assure everyone that this is simply not the case.

FOS is seeking active support from ANYONE WHO CAN HELP.

It matters not whether you can spend an hour or a day to help us in formulating plans and ideas, assisting at events or indeed maybe helping from an administrative / supply point of view. We can only continue our success with the continued commitment and support of all the committee members, members of FOS and volunteers.  

We also have general committee members, both staff and parents who are elected and can vote on issues and are involved in the general running of FOS. If you don’t want to be a voting member you are welcome to any meeting. We also have sub committees for most events, which allow you to be involved without committing to every event.  

We value all help, if you can only give a limited amount of time, or have a particular skill like cooking, writing, designing, decorating etc. Or if you have a business that can provide support for the committee we would love to hear from you.


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