Sixth Form

Preparing For The Future

The Sixth Form Centre is the hub for both the academic and pastoral care of the Sixth Form and its resources include daily press, journals and periodicals which are available for students to keep up with current affairs and maintain a healthy interest in the news. We prepare pupils for their UCAS applications with a programme of seminars, assessments and structured visits, guiding and advising our pupils on the options available to them, whether considering a traditional university pathway, applying for apprenticeships or needing career guidance and interview techniques.

During the Sixth Form years, every student has the opportunity to undertake an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). It provides an opportunity for students to broaden their skills beyond the boundaries of the A Level Syllabus, grow their research skills and helps them to stand out on a university or job application and often reduces entry requirements for university courses.

Stover School is a great advocate of the EPQ as it promotes an aspiration for higher education and gives candidates a real sense of ownership and control of their own project.

Moving On

We are very proud of our examination results and our record in enabling students to achieve their ambitions.

A large proportion of our students progress to higher education (mostly universities) on leaving Stover School and over the years, many of our students have started degree courses at different universities in all parts of the country, including traditional and new universities. The majority have progressed to prestigious Russell Group universities, including the University of Exeter, University of Bath, University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

A number of students move on to competitive Higher Level Apprenticeships or take up employment in a range of highly-valued occupations.

You can be confident that, by studying at Stover School, we will prepare you to face the future with confidence.

Where to next?