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Pupils’ experiences in Music centre around three core activities: composing, performing and listening.

From learning to manipulate simple instruments at Foundation Stage, to exploring the powerful role of music in society at Key Stage 3, they are able to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in all three areas.

These pages include a range of suggestions for what pupils should be experiencing at every stage.

There are practical ideas for a variety of activities designed to develop their singing and instrumental skills, as well as their skills of listening and responding to music.


The Music option at GSCE is a development of the work studied at Key Stage 3 and a stepping stone for further study at AS and A Level. The course aims to develop students’ understanding of a wide range of musical genres and styles and encourages critical and creative thinking.

It is the intention of the Music Department to expose our students to as much music as possible. Therefore concert trips, workshops and visiting performances are regularly organised to broaden students’ musical horizons.


A-level Music enables students to extend their knowledge and understanding of music, to create and develop their own musical ideas and to demonstrate technical, interpretative and communication skills through performing music.



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