Prep School

a happy and caring environment

Stover’s Preparatory School

Stover’s Preparatory School is located in the Clock House. Built in 1843, it is a delightful building that offers children a safe and secure environment to begin their school life, while its proximity to the Senior School gives them access to all the facilities that the whole school offers.

The Preparatory School aims to provide a happy and caring environment in which children develop an enthusiasm and willingness to learn. We help them to gain confidence and to recognise and celebrate their differences. We also teach respect – for themselves, for each other and for their teachers.

We welcome children of all abilities and we are skilled at using different teaching methods and techniques appropriate to the children in our care. Their emotional and social development in these early years is also important and this sits alongside the teaching of basic skills, such as reading, writing and numeracy.

At Stover, we encourage children to communicate effectively and with confidence. We do this by encouraging them to participate in class, to enter into discussion, to perform to their friends and to parents. We have a busy schedule of concerts, dramatic performances and presentations, so that children feel the sense of achievement that fuels their self-esteem.

We are fortunate to be able to tap into the shared resources of the Senior School, not just the spacious grounds that we use for sports and outdoor activities, but also home economics, science and art rooms that give our older children a taste of life in the Senior School.

Socially and academically, our children in Years 5 and 6 are prepared for the demands they will face as they move to the Senior School. These include organisational skills, as well as learning study skills and to concentrate for longer periods. We believe that the close connection we have with pupils in the Senior School provides valuable inspiration for those who are preparing for that transition.

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