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There are many benefits to learning a foreign language: – you can travel the world, meet new people, improve your memory and employers love them too!

Languages lessons are highly interactive and stimulating, aiming to develop not only linguistic fluency and literacy skills but also self esteem, confidence and inter-personal skills. Pupils are encouraged to participate as fully as possible in lessons and are challenged to achieve to the very best of their ability. High standards of effort, behaviour and presentation are always expected.

At Stover School, all students study one foreign language including French, Spanish and German which are taught to all pupils in Years 7 and 8 in mixed ability groups.

The scheme of work is designed to ensure the opportunity to develop a wide range of linguistic, personal and social skills. The development of the pupils’ international and cultural awareness and understanding is an intrinsic element of the language learning experience and one which we actively seek to promote. The scheme of work, assessments, teaching methodology and resources allow the pupils to progress appropriately in their language learning through the study of carefully selected topic areas.

French, German and Spanish GCSE exams have the same format and assessment procedure. Pupils work towards being examined in each of the four skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.


Examination Board:

The Modern Foreign Languages Department has an excellent record of its pupils achieving outstanding results from a broad range of abilities. We hope that all pupils who intend to stay on to do A Levels in the Sixth Form and go on to university will take a Modern Foreign Language GCSE. The study of modern languages is useful for both leisure and business in view of the increasingly global nature of modern society.


Examination Board: AQA

Whatever your chosen career, possession of skills in one or more Modern Language will, without any doubt, make you a more flexible, adaptable and mobile citizen of the new open Europe.


A large number of university courses can be supplemented by a modern language, thus opening up career opportunities extensively. Leading universities now promote the fact that, in our global economy, many companies are keen to employ linguists Studies also show that, at degree level, modern foreign language students have employment chances second only to a degree in medicine.


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