Prep School

EYFS and Preparatory School Learning Support

academic support to pupils with learning needs

Learning Support

Stover School is a non-selective school and welcomes pupils of all abilities.  We recognise that some pupils may need particular support in order to make the most of the opportunities offered by the school because of difficulties with learning and/or disabilities.  Learning Support can be provided in both the Preparatory School and the Senior School, providing that its Learning Support Department can offer them the support that they require to enable them to access the National Curriculum.

Support is provided according to individual needs.  Assessment is used to develop the programme of support needed as well as consultation with pupils, parents and staff.  Many pupils benefit from having individual support lessons with a specialist teacher; in the Prep School this support will focus on gaining the necessary literacy and/or numeracy skills needed throughout a pupil’s education and in the Senior School this type of support is expanded to include help with the study skills necessary to access secondary education and beyond.  Teaching assistants provide in-class support for pupils with a greater level of support need.  Where necessary, support is provided for examinations e.g. extra time, scribes, readers etc.

The Learning Support staff liaise closely with class, form and subject teachers in order to maximise the effectiveness of support.

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