Senior School | Curriculum

Year 10-11

the Stover curriculum

The curriculum at Stover comprises a broad, well-balanced spectrum with the core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science being supported by Computer Science, Geography, History, Music, Drama, French, German, Spanish, Business Studies, Art, Home Economics, Physical Education, RE and PSHE.

At GCSE pupils may chose from over twenty subjects.  Stover is unusual in that the choices available are designed to meet the pupils’ requirements as far as possible.  Staff liaise closely with both parents and pupils to ensure that the most suitable combinations of subjects are considered.  Normally pupils study nine subjects but many take the opportunity to follow more; whilst for others it may be more appropriate to concentrate on a reduced number of subjects. Academic progress is monitored by a series of tests, verbal and written feedback, grades, reports and regular meetings with Form Teachers and Academic Heads of Departments.                                          

Boys and Girls in Years 10 and 11 receive extensive careers advice and are encouraged to plan ahead.  They are also encouraged to engage in a wide range of activities and interests outside the exam classroom.

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