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Sports Results

Wednesday 26th February

With struggling numbers in Year 10 due to various commitments, the Year 9’s really stepped up and volunteered to play in order to honour the scheduled games. I have huge respect and commitment of the girls in doing this. The team involved Lucy, Lily, Sabrina, Loretto, Katie and Mollie.

Considering that the girls were playing Year 10’s who were well rehearsed and drilled, our girls significantly improved with each match. We played a double round robin with two Coombeshead teams and one Paignton team. Our confidence with passing, taking a touch and tackling massively improved with each game.

The girls never gave up until each final whistle and I am really proud of the girls for their effort and hard work. Fun was had all of the girls and they walked away with new knowledge and experience.  Well done girls!

Mrs Coster’s players of the match: Lily and Loretto.

Tuesday 24th February

Match Report Under 15 Football vs St John’s

In some incredibly heavy conditions the U15’s welcomed St John’s to Stover. A game that saw very little football played due to the conditions it was a very close encounter.

We started attacking up the hill and early on put the very organised St John’s back 4 under pressure creating some half chances. On the 10 minute mark some neat inter play between Sam Webber and Lucas Dodd led to a bit of fortune when the opposition goalie let the ball through his legs to see us take the lead. It was then our turn to do some defending as St Johns fought back with some chances of their own. 5 minutes before the break a looping 35 yard free kick caught Jack Cox off guard and eventually waved the ball into his own net to draw level. The second half and shooting down the hill saw a much improved performance as we piled the pressure on. St Johns rarely got out of their half but we couldn’t put away some good opportunities. 12 minutes from time a rare break up field from St Johns then saw a speculative cross come shot again lob the stranded Cox in goal for St Johns to take the lead. The last 10 minutes I think we did everything but score an equaliser, upwards of 10 corners in a row but no final product. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be and final whistle blew with St Johns victorious in a very competitive game.

A very tough game in some awful conditions but several positives to take away. MOM went to Josh Hughes for his calm and collected nature at the back and his work rate throughout.

Stover- 1 (Webber) v St Johns- 2

Wednesday 5th February 2020

This afternoon, we were fortunate to play all of our Year 5 and 6 girls in a massive Netball triangular with Plymouth College and Maynard School. This was a wonderful afternoon of some great Netball involving a lot girls all playing some competitive sport.

In the U11B team, the girls played really well against Maynard showing that they were eager to win the ball and drive forwards. This was quite a physical game meaning that there were a few 50/50 situations. We held our own and won a great deal of these. To begin with, we weren’t quite quick enough to pass the ball towards the shooters. But this improved in the second half.

We won this game 4-1. Brenda was voted after of the match. Mrs Coster’s players of the match: Elizabeth and Cici.

In our second match involving Plymouth College, the girls did lose a little focus but we did have a lot of possession. We weren’t quite passing quick enough and low enough, which meant that we lost some balls.  We did not have enough time with the ball in our attacking D. Plymouth managed to pinch a goal and won this game 1-0.

Player of the match: Esme and Cici. Mrs Coster’s player of the match: Izzy.

Wednesday 5th February 2020

In the U11 A’s we saw some great defending in the shooting circle from Fliss and Tilly, making the opposition work hard for their goals. In the attacking end the girls demonstrated some good netball skills, ensuring their footwork and passing was accurate throughout the duration of the games.

Stover vs Maynard: 9-3 to Maynard
Stover vs Plymouth: 6-2 to Plymouth
POM: Emily and Fern

Wednesday 5th February 2020

This group of U10’s have been very impressive this season. They have focused and worked hard to implement a more disciplined style and structure to their game that, once they master it, will be highly effective. They have persevered and listened well to advise and I was pleased to see glimpses of excellence in today’s fixtures alongside a learning experience. We played against 2 U11 Maynard teams and so had to adapt to shooting at the full height post which we found a little challenging. Emily was a tour de force in defence, making countless interceptions with Rosa making strong and effective clears from the backline effectively. In the centre court, Evie held her space superbly on the circle as WD and was consistent in her receiving showing good footwork. Annaloes and Ava are showing the beginnings of a super partnership in the centre court, with Ava finding space well and marking back with gusto, forcing the turnover ball. Annaloes passed beautifully well and maintained structure in the centre. In attack, Rosie was strong and fast as GA, dodging with great timing and intelligent decision making, finding space well in the goal circle. She slotted goals away in both games and would have got more had the posts been at U10 height. Evie and Bella are working hard on their positioning in the goal circle and their feeding into Rosie, both of which showed improvement today and we had plenty of shots on goal. Daisy and Elizabeth made admirable stints as WD and developed their confidence on the ball, sending it with improving power, chest side of the dodging player. All in all, it was a really good demonstration of netball and we were slightly frustrated not to have come away with a win, but we are most certainly moving in the right direction!

Players player of the match: Rosa, Emily and Ava

Miss Robinson’s player: Rosie

Thursday 30th January 2020

Last Thursday, the U14s went to TGGS to play in the hockey league- which is continuing for some age groups this term.  Mrs Payne took the teams and the girls had a good round of matches- playing for the first time some 11 a side game.  Results were 3-0 win vs NAC, 1-0 win Cuthbert Mayne, and 0-0 draw against TGGS. Well done to all those who stepped up to play in yr8 to make the team 11-a-side.

Thursday 30th January 2020

This afternoon, the U9 Netball team travelled down to Mount Kelly to play our first Netball match of the season, as our last one was cancelled due to poor weather. Our Year 4 number count was down to 6 girls due to various circumstances, but this enabled Belle to play up and support the team. She did this with maturity and competitiveness and played extremely well, covering a lot of the court as centre.   Arabella and Milly teamed up well as our shooters and between them had a good amount of goal scoring opportunities, finishing with 3 goals being scored. 

The girls are working on their positional play, passing, footwork, driving forwards and marking skills, and this is work in progress.  This game allowed the girls to get some match experience and game time to practise these and improvement and progress will be made in future matches.

Opponent’s players of the match: Arabella and Milly

Mrs Coster’s player of the match: Belle

Result: 10-3 loss 

Wednesday 29th January 2020

The U15s went to Paignton this week to play in their CV netball league.  Our first game was against NAC and we were on our game right from the outset.  Jemima Hill made good runs both in attack and defence to keep the ball moving through the centre court.  Once our shooters settled into their rhythm, we drew away from the opposition and won the game 6-2.  Next, we were up against Dawlish.  Lulu really had her eye in this game and managed to score some great goals from the outside of the D.  Maddy linked in better in this game reading the game well.  The final score was 4-1 to Stover.  In our last game, we were against Churston.  Initially, Churston looked as if they would clinch the game but we held our own in attack and defence- Jemima and Lizzie made some good interceptions and passes in this game.  Our shooting was again on target and with some great feeds from Olivia who positioned herself better in this game. Final score 7-4 to Stover. Mrs Craven

Tuesday 21st January 2020

Today, the U14s went to the first fixture of the term- playing in the CV netball league.  The U14s were grouped against Dawlish, Paignton, Cuthbert Mayne and Brixham.  Our first game was against Brixham and we started really well, linking our passes together down the court.  Harriet and Amaya were also shooting well and we won this game 4-2.  We really got into our stride in the second match against Cuthbert- our attack were timing their moves down the court well- between Evie, Molly, Lucy and Amaya.  A confident game winning 9-0.  In the third game again our team looked pretty good- just a few small tweaks in attack, and reminding our defence to stay back on their partners meant we again had a convincing win against Dawlish, 5-0.  IN the final game, we were up against Paignton- who had also won all of their games.  We started strong but Paignton were on our shoulders hassling us for the ball- with more accuracy in our passes they would not have overturned so many of our attacking moves. Unfortunately we lost this game 5-0.  However a mention to our defence in the circle who were both Yr8, Emmie and Abbie- they really made a good account of themselves. Lucy E-J and Evie also impressed this week having made significant progress.

The U15 Netball team travelled to Trinity to play their first match of the season. And the girls certainly set the tone for how they seek to play and score! 

From the very first whistle, the girls were dynamic and aggressive, covering the whole court. Their movement off the ball with dodges and little runs towards the ball were fantastic and well-timed.  The amount of possession Stover’s way was incredible as we showed the desire to keep the ball moving and to create goal-scoring opportunities.  

Our shooters changed around later in the match to allow Trinity to try to get back into the game. Tallulah was formidable with her consistency, shooting from all angles and distances in the D.  Olivia, Amaya and Jemima Gascoyne all played a supportive roll and added to the enormous goal tally.

Jemima Hill dominated the mid-court areas, ensuring that we kept possession and made great decisions of where to pass the ball next.  Lizzie showed great footwork and speed in and around the centre court, intercepting a lot of balls.  Matilda and Jess supported each other in defence really well, demonstrating excellent concentration and marking skills. Kayley had the opportunity to come on the court for the second half and got stuck in and assisted the attacking play.

Overall, there are not enough superlatives to describe how well the girls played, supported one another, and played a professional game of Netball.

The final score was:

33-4 victory

Player of the match: Jemima G

Mrs Coster’s player of the match:Tallulah

Wednesday 15th January 2020

For our first round of fixtures we hosted Exeter School and St Peter’s for a wonderful afternoon of Netball involving over 80 girls playing one another in a triangular event with U11A&B and U10 teams playing across three courts.  The atmosphere was competitive but friendly and the afternoon ran smoothly and fun was had by all.  Our girls got stronger with each game and this is setting us up for the weeks ahead in lessons for development.  The results for the Stover girls were as follows:

U11A team Stover vs Exeter School 2-5 L

Player of the match: Anna​

Stover vs St Peter’s 1-5 L

Player of the match: Tilly

U11B team Stover vs Exeter School 5-0 W

Player of the match: Kaitlin 

Stover vs St Peter’s 1-2 L

Player of the match: Cici

U10 team Stover vs Exeter School 3-4 L

Player of the match: Evie Smith

Stover vs St Peter’s 0-2L

​Player of the match: Rosie

Wednesday 20th November

The U11 Rugby Team had a season full of improvement. With a fairly inexperienced squad, many of whom were completely new to the game, there were a number of competitive performances against local school’s. The boys played 5 games – winning won and losing 4. However, there was some great performances along the way. Sebastian Norton was a dangerous runner with the ball in hand, often taking a number of defenders to be stopped. William Grogan, Thomas Robinson and Freddie McEwan all set a great example to the others with their leadership, running and passing, often scoring a number of tries. Boys who were complete novices at the start of the term not only had to learn the complex rules of the game but also all the skills needed to play it successfully. They were Thomas and Henry Perry who both learnt how to tackle, putting in some monstrous hits. Thomas Parson, who made some significant improvements to his skill-level and understanding of the game. Then there were some boys with more experience but adjusting to the transition of the ruck. Ryan Lewis, Joel MacDowell and Jack Donald all stepped up and made some good contributions in games. Finally Ashton Cullen made some good carries in games and was extremely effective at the ruck area. The match of the season saw the boys only win at Mount Kelly. Tries from Seb, Ashton and Freddie saw Stover win 6-3 in what was a great team performance. 

​Squad: A Cullen, J Donald, W Grogan, R Lewis, J MacDowell, F McEwan, S Norton, T Parson, H Perry, T Perry, T Robinson

Monday 18th November

The Year 8 girls approached their central venue fixtures on Monday with enthusiasm.

They lost their first game 2-1 to St Cuthbert Mayne. Abi and Emmie made fantastic interceptions in defence but we got carried away bringing the ball through to attack and were unable to capitalise on our chances. The girls then had a break in which they reflected on their play and kept warm on the spare court, practising their feeding of the circle. This paid off in our second game in which we game back from behind to draw 4-4 with Coombeshead. Jules created a lot of space and Olivia got her eye in with her shooting. Abbie Mills was making her debut in the squad, her confidence grew throughout the afternoon and her shooting went from strength-to-strength. Isla controlled the centre court well in our third game which combined with Abbie’s movement and accuracy in the shooting circle helped us to secure a 4-0 win against Brixham. In our final game we took a 3-1 lead against Kingsbridge but despite Daniella’s tight marking and Cecily’s relentless interceptions we were unable to hold onto our lead and drew the game 3-3.

Overall the girls should all be proud of their performance.

The team voted for their players’ player which was shared between Daniella and Abbie Mills.

Well done, girls.

Friday 15th November

U13 Hockey match reports

We made an excellent start, high intensity in the very first phase of play resulting in a cracking cross absolutely socked by Elisa and were excruciatingly unlucky to miss the post by a whisker. The next ten minutes were all Stover, fast paced, power play and linking passes – Cecily blasting across the face of the goal twice and despite being super close again frustratingly not getting reward for our efforts. Eleanor suffered a cramp on a run and we although she valiantly soldiered on, we missed her presence up front and the backs were left a little wanting. Exeter capitalised and put a goal away on a rebound  despite Abigail making an excellent save. The rest of the half went the same way and we found ourselves 3-0 down at half time. In the second half we regrouped and Eleanor was able to get back in the game albeit at half pace. We kept on pushing and making strong tackles and were rewarded with an excellent goal in the late stages fired in by Isla with great build up by the mids.

Result: 3-1 loss

Player of the match: Isla

Miss Robinson’s player: Abigail who made some exceptional saves

The U13B’s played amazingly well with a plethora of efforts in front of the attacking D. Juliet was incredible as right wing and her footwork and turning skills around the player was so good. The power of her passes was really good which enabled Tess, Cyrna, Ella and Tabby to get the ball into a great position in front of goal to receive her passes. Cyrna’s fitness to cover both attack and defence was fantastic and she got herself into great positions, which resulted in a goal. Tess was a great attacking player who got herself into good positions in the D, which enabled her to score a goal.

We were definitely the better  team and  we showed this in all areas of the pitch. We had so many chances to score from short corners, free passes, and drives in from Juliet that our goal tally should have been much higher.  Molly, Delphine and Olivia player well in defence and kept calm on the ball and dealt with any threat maturely.  Elvie made some great saves in goal, clearing a couple of Cathedral attacks, but most of the game, she just needed to remain focused whilst watching her team mates keeping possession.

Result: 2-0 win
Player of the match: Tess
Mrs Coster’s player of the match: Juliet and Cyrna

Thursday 14th November

This afternoon we played host to Plymouth College with U8 Tag and U9 Contact Rugby. In bitterly cold and muddy conditions both teams played really well from the first whistle. 

In the U8 game, Thomas and Gabriel dominated Stover’s attack and defence and they both took charge of organising the team.  They scored the Stover tries and had really good support from Myles, Siraj and Josh Cox. We had openings on the pitch to create some space and speed to perform some great side steps to score in the corners. 

Score 8-6 to Plymouth 

Player of the match: Gabriel

Mrs Coster’s players of the match:Gabriel and Thomas

In the U9 game, Raffie and Josh made some great tackles. Charlie, George and Noah managed to score a try each due to Stover working the ball well and creating space.  Jack was a force to be reckoned with his effort and determination whilst running with the ball and tackling hard.

Score 5-3 to Plymouth but Stover were the better team due to their possession, determination to play the ball and their tackling skills.

Mr Steer’s player of the match: Jack 

Thursday 14th November

What a fantastic (if very chilly!) afternoon of hockey the girls put on this afternoon – really impressive, strong and solid play demonstrating huge progress in stick skills and a winning attitude.

We hosted Plymouth College this afternoon and due to the wet pitch conditions, opted to play indoors. With a hard surface the play was therefore fast and furious, with the ball travelling speedily and therefore requiring more control and soft hands to keep possession. The U9 game was all Stover, from the first whistle our girls closed Plymouth down and gave them little space or time on the ball. We tackled well and are beginning to follow up out tackles ensuring we win the ball fully.  Arabella played a confident and powerful game up front, and Eva was excellent at turning the ball over and distributing with power up the pitch. Bea and Belle both played up and made good impact on the game. Dotty, Kitty and Elizabeth were unbeatable in defense and are coming up with the team to support attacking play, confident that they can re-position and be covered by their defensive team. Millie played with tactical inteligence and drove some attacking opportunities into the D while Emily made useful touches on the wing and linked well with the forwards.

Overall an excellent display and some decisive striking in the D meant we came away 4-0 winners!

In the U8 game the story was very much the same – the lions share of the possession being in Stover favour. The girls were led by Bea and Belle up front who were both gutsy and nippy on the ball and driving attacking plays in the D. Belle narrowly missed a cracking shot and Lottie seemed to be everywhere at once, making useful touches and getting her stick down in the defensive semi circles. Tori made the carry of the game, with some excellent fast dribbling into space, really taking the ball on with skill. Georgie was a total rock at the back and cleared the ball powerfully and intelligently to the wings. Sienna and Victoria both naturally played in a full-back role and were great at transitioning from defense to attack swiftly, making good tackles and also having the flair to find space up front. Ava and Ellie-May both showed excellent improvement and got stuck in, showing that they could control the ball and make accurate passes. We had many chances in the D, with shots being fired in and just missing – but Bea made one stick and the game ended 1-0 to Stover.

Players of the match

U9: Millie

U8: Georgie

A great day of hockey and super results at the tail end of the season.

Miss Robinson

Wednesday 13th November

U13 V Mount Kelly

In atrocious conditions the U13s suffered defeat at the hands of a physical and motivated Mount Kelly team.

With the rain pouring and temperatures barely touching 5 degrees, Stover spent the most of the first half in their own half defending. Mount Kelly were clearly much more used to these conditions and it showed with their off loading and motivation. Half time Mount Kelly 2 Stover 0.

In the second half Stover managed to get into Mount Kelly territory early and some strong carries from Ben Rusden and some good hands from Joseph Kinight and Henry Gascogne allowed Claude Mckewan to score in the corner, halving the deficit. Just when Stover looked to be getting back into the game, a loose kick was pounced upon by Mount Kelly and a two point gap opened up again. This score combined with the cold conditions knocked the remaining wind out of the Stover sails and 2 more tries from Mount Kelly shorty followed. Final score Mount Kelly 5 Stover 1.

Tuesday 12th November

A comprehensive performance from the boys beating Mount Kelly by 64 points to 20. Although we did start rather poorly; giving away the ball too easily by unnecessary offloads and falling off a few tackles, we soon got the coach journey out of our system and started to produce some good rugby. When the ball was put through the hands and it got into the wide, open spaces we exploited their rather narrow defence and the tries started to flow. The best try was saved to final moments of the match when the ball was passed through numerous hands, recycled by a series of rucks and finished in the corner by a flying winger.

Tuesday 12th November

This afternoon we played host to St John’s with our U13 Hockey team.  St John’s had a plethora of pupils whom were rotated with each quarter played, most of which were much older than our girls.  This did not deter our girls at all, as the team remained focused and physical during the entire match.  With each 10-minute quarter we demonstrated a higher ability with dribbling at pace around our opponents and driving the ball into the D to put St John’s under constant pressure.  Eleanor, Isla, Ellsa and Cecily linked up really well in the attacking D to chase down any rebounds and shoot with intent as soon as they entered the D.  Emmie and Daniella paired up well in defence, showing that they could work both defensively and push up when required to provide other options in attack.  Isla and Eleanor maintained their competitiveness and willingness to make great runs around St John’s defence to keep the ball moving and put our opponents on the back foot.  Katie came on to support the attacking play on the wing and made some good tackles.  Conditions of the pitch and the tempo of the game did subside in the closing quarter, however, our players showed maturity and focus and kept on playing competitively under the final whistle.  Abigail in goal, did not have to make a single save, due to our intensity and time on the ball.  The number of goals soon tallied up with each quarter and we finished the game 9-0 winners.  The girls were respectful to our opponents and showed respect and dignity throughout and into teas after the game.

Result: 9-0 win!

Opponent’s player of the match: Cecily
Mrs Coster’s player of the match: Cecily and Eleanor

Monday 11th November

Today our U12’s were ready for the challenge of their second league fixture of the season. The team is still in it’s early stages as new and established players find their feet in the squad. Captained by Ellen we started very strongly against Cuthbert Mayne – looking like the far more experienced team. Stover dominated the centre court and moved the ball with ease, finding space well and passing accurately. Tess really shone in this game in both her movement and shooting as, with Ellen they got themselves into attacking position and put away 4 goals in 8 minutes. Our defence held their own too, with both Molly leading the charge, intercepting and breaking down their play. A great start – in games two and three we lost momentum a little and despite Ella working solidly in the centre and Georgia and Livvy supporting the attack we just could not convert the opportunities in the circle resulting in two back to back narrow losses which given our dominance in possession should have been all about Stover. In our penultimate game we managed to re-group and Tabby continued to zip around making quick ball and linking well with Tess. Lizzie had her work cut out in defence against extremely tall opposition but stuck with it and supported by Molly and Georgia cleared the ball well out of our defensive half. A 3-1 victory was well-deserved here and we were buoyant with confidence going into the last game – only to find out our opposition had gone home early! A little disappointing to not be able to come away with more wins but we will take a played 2, won 2 and hope to develop and improve on this.

Miss Robinson’s Players of the match – Tess Danby

Monday 11th November

This afternoon the Under 13’s travelled to St Johns. It was incredibly wet under foot and sure to test the boys handling against a big St Johns team. Skipper Henry Gascoyne lost the toss and we attacked up the hill first. We started brightly and were able to go through the phases recycling the ball quickly and bringing the backs into the game. It wasn’t long before the deadlock was broken when Claude McKeown snuck through a gap to score. This was followed quickly by Henry himself and then Jack Vernon found space out wide to score. As the game progressed the ball started to resemble a soap and mistakes started to be made. Our tackling started to rise in an attempt to target the ball, however against a much bigger St Johns team this proved ineffective as them smashed through to score a try of their own. The second half we attacked down the hill and again piled on the pressure, another try from Claude, Cosmo De Burton, Joe Knight and a second for Henry put the game beyond St Johns. They did come back and score a late consolation after again missing our tackles.

An excellent performance with some very good rugby in incredibly difficult conditions. Man of the match was a tough one, but in the end I gave it to Cosmo De Burton for his relentless work around the breakdown and excellent communication when organising our defence. Well done to all involved and thanks to St Johns for getting the game on.

Final score

St Johns- 10

Stover- 35Scorers- McKeown x2, Gascoyne x2, Knight, De Burton, Vernon

Thursday 7th November

The U9’s had a game against St John’s at Stover and due to the recent weather and pitch conditions, we needed to play inside the Dome on the courts.  Two Year 3 pupils joined the team to support the Year 4’s – these being Belle and Bea.  They both played so well and fully immersed themselves, both growing in confidence as the game went on.  Arabella, Eva, Bea, Millie and Rosie are learning how to stay in their position and have an impact on the game in a competitive and strategic way.  This is getting better, however, we need to be dribbling the ball down the pitch much more rather than hitting it and running after the ball.  Kitty, Dotty, Emily and Elizabeth were working better in defence as the game went on with some good clearances from Kitty.  Millie made a lot of fantastic strong and direct free hits into the attacking D, which we just couldn’t quite get on the end of.  The tempo and physicality stepped up in the last two quarters and we did look like the stronger team, but unfortunately, St John’s managed to get a powerful shot from the top of our D through our defence and into the goal.  Followed closely by an own goal due to a lot of pressure being put on us in defence.  We definitely didn’t deserve to concede that one!  The girls had the momentum, but we could not quite find that extra bit of skill and control needed in the attacking D to put the ball in the back of the goal.  Having said all of this, half of the St John’s team were Year 5’s, therefore, the performance and physicality shown by our girls was admirable, showing that we are improving.

Result: 2-0 loss

Opposition’s player of the match: Millie

Mrs Coster’s player of the match: Bea and Belle

Tuesday 5th November

On Tuesday our Year 10 girls travelled to Bramdean for their first ever tag rugby match in the senior school. We started a little shakey and a bit nervous, Jemima Hill being the first person to screech and throw the ball away however Jemima Gascoyne collected and passed to Lulu Belgeonne who sped through the Bramdean defence to score in the corner. However Bramdean came straight back and some good dodging and evasive play led to their first try. From then on the girls took a firm grip on the game and were ruthless in tagging their opposing numbers, Matilda Meek in particular appeared to be everywhere and by far our best defender. This meant we were regularly turning the ball over and in attack were fantastic, the pace of Matilda McKeown, Lulu Belgeonne and Jemima Gascoyne incredibly hard to defend against. Olivia Danby, Jessica Pallett and Ellie Cannings marshalled the midfield areas and were incredibly difficult to get past. The confidence grew throughout the game and some of the rugby was fantastic to watch, particularly from Olivia Danby and the timing of her passing to release the likes of Lulu, Matilda Mckeown and the Jemima’s.

In the end it ended up being very one sided with the final score at 55-10 to Stover. Player of the match was a three way tie, Matilda Meek for her ruthless tagging, Lulu Belgeonne for organizing the team, and Jemima Gascoyne for her attacking play. A fantastic afternoon of rugby with lots of positives to take away. Thank you to Bramdean for organising.

Bramdean- 10

Stover- 55

Scorers- Gascoyne x5, Belgeonne x3, Hill x2, McKeown x1

Monday 4th November

The U13 A and B squad travelled to Kingsbridge to play hockey this week and managed to find a short spell between the heavy rain to get in their 2 games.  We are feeling quite confident on the way having played some good hockey against this term last season.  The B team, however, were new-formed and lacking the same confidence as the A’s.  The first half of the game saw us start a little hesitantly and some of the team needed a little help with their positioning.  We also needed to think about looking up for a pass rather than just batting the ball away in defence.  Kingsbridge took advantage of our hesitation and stepped up to score the first goal against our new goalie Elvie.  Elvie was a little disappointed but really asserted herself well in the second quarter with Ellen and Mollie defending and saving some goal-scoring opportunities from Kingsbridge.  We managed to equalize in the first half- Juliet was the key player and made some fantastic runs down the wing to cross the ball into her waiting attackers.  She went on to score 2 of the 3 goals, the other being scored by Tess who also made some good runs up the field in attack.  The final score was 3-3.

In the A team the score was 1-0 to Stover at half time. Mrs Craven joined the game at the start of the second half and was surprised at the pace of the game.  The girls were being very skilful in attack, Eleanor and Cecily linking up well through the centre and out on the wing.  Isla was also involved in many of the attacking moves and Elsa new to the team asserted herself well on the other wing.  The final score was 3-0 to Stover.

The U14s played netball against Trinity this week on a rare fine day.  We started very well- especially as this is not our usual term for netball fixtures.  From the outset this week Harriet and Amaya really tuned into each others movement patterns and passing between them was seamless into the circle. We quickly notched up 10 goals to Trinity’s 1 in the first ten minutes.  In the second quarter, Mrs Craven took the decision to move around the positions and ensure that everyone in the squad had a good spell on court. We focused on our passing and movement skills for the next 3 quarters, key skills, no matter what position you play.  Mollie really showed her versatility as did Belle- and her strong passing. In defence, Evie stepped up to GD this week and by the end of the game was marking well and gaining some good interceptions. The final score was 16-5 to Stover. 

Friday 1st November

The U16s resumed their fixtures on Friday 1st November. In terrible conditions and fresh from the half term break the boys demonstrated some excellent skill levels. Stover started brightly gaining control of the break downs with effective tackling and excellent rucking technique. Josh Reynolds got consistently over the gain line with some strong abrasive runs. An early try was converted by Owen Sutton, who unfortunately suffered an injury as a result of the conversion. Stover continued to dominate possession and territory, with Josh Perry at scrum half providing the backs with some good quick ball. At half time Stover had a healthy lead of 29-0. After the break St John’s were much more competitive at the breakdown and causing Stover problems in defence. Stover did create a number of overlaps but lacked the vision to convert them. The final score was 41-0 Stover.

Stover U13 B played a very competitive and beneficial match against a strong Plymouth College side. In tough conditions Stover started the game slowly and failed to match the physicality of Plymouth College. At half time Stover trailed 4-0. After the break Stover were much better, matching Plymouth physically and playing a vast chunk of the half in Plymouth territory. Despite coming close to scoring on a number of occasions Stover were unable to convert their chances. There was some good performances from George Robinson and Cosmo De Burton both tackled and carried the ball well. Similarly the Cutmore brothers both contributed with some good tackles. Final score 6-0 Plymouth.

Thursday 31st October

Our U8 and U9 girls all had an opportunity to play against Blundell’s. In our U9 matches, we also had the opportunity to play against Trinity in a triangular.

In the U9 games, we played Trinity first. We were very positive from the start and showed assertiveness on every ball whilst being very strong in our tackles. We won this game comfortably 2-0.  In our second game against Blundell’s B team, we battled for balls in midfield and this was a physical game. We narrowly lost this game 1-0 and we did have some opportunities to score.  In our third game against Blundell’s A team we had to be very defensive as this tram were good at passing the ball up the field and towards our D. We stayed strong, committed, and never gave up.  However, they managed to score 2 goals to win 2-0.

Opponent’s player of the match: Millie and Arabella.

Mrs Coster’s player of the match: Arabella and Eva

In the U8 game, the girls made a good start keeping their positional space relatively well, whilst we were certainly prepared to get stuck in we hadn’t quite got to grips with following the ball up in order to make big progress down the pitch. In the early stages, our tackles could have been lower and stronger and this led to conceding a goal despite the possession being fairly even. Confidence improved during the course of the half and we started to believe in our ability to move and send the ball with more power.  In the second half we were the transformed team and really took the game to Blundell’s who had to cope with a lot of Stover pressure. At the back, Georgie was a total rock and both her and Victoria noticeably improved and created a forcefield around the D. Victoria also had a good couple of attacking runs. Belle was fiery in the midfield and injected pace into the game and Belle, Sienna and Bea created a lot of good attacking opportunities, one of which resulted in a well-deserved goal. Lottie, Ellie-May and Tori grew in confidence throughout and made good contributions in the second half. The second half was all Stover in terms of the better play and possession and we could have come away with a win.   

Result 1-1

Opposition’s player of the match : Lottie

Miss Robinson’s player of the match: Georgie and Belle

Thursday 17th October

On a wet and blustery Thursday, our Year 8s took on the challenge of back to back hockey fixtures against some strong opposition.

In our first match vs KB, we found our feet quickly and gained momentum, Cecily dominating the midfield and our wingers Elsa and Eleanor driving the ball forward well. Faced with a couple of stinging counterattacks, our defense stood up well and kept the ball largely clear of the D scoring zone. Juliet made some impressively strong tackles and distributed well to the wing. A drive into the D midway through from a long corner hit with force by Emmie saw a blistering goal for Stover – the first of many to come over the afternoon.

Our second match was to be our toughest facing the nemesis of TGGS. The girls knew they needed to be on their A-game from the moment the whistle blew and they didn’t disappoint. It was a thrilling end to end hockey with both teams demonstrating confidence on the ball and finding space well. Our girls dug deep into their stamina reserves as they tracked back from attack to defense effectively. Abigail literally saved our bacon when she was forced to defend against a first and several follow up strikes as the grammar found a way through our defense. Worth mentioning here that she was cool under pressure and thoroughly deserving of the clean sheet she maintained over the 4 games – despite having her top on backward! We had our chances too and Elsa swept an excellent cross first touch, only to have it hit the post, and an open goal opportunity could have been dealt with better. Final score 0-0 – a winning draw. Working on taking the ball on our open stick and reducing our ‘faffing’ (!) would ensure a win next time.

Game three, and the challenge came from a physically strong Cuthbert Mayne team. Again we played with intensity from the off, Daniella made important tackles and Emmie was instrumental from hit outs and long corners. Our intent paid off and the breakthrough came from a moment of magic from Cecily who dispossessed a player and took on two more defenders before cracking an unstoppable shot from the edge of the D. Two more followed from Eleanor and Isla and we ended up winning by a comfortable 3-0 margin.

In the last game vs NAC, Elsa finally got her well-deserved goal and Juliet continued to show that technique can be as important as physicality, making key tackles. It was a good finish from the team, who added 2 more to Elsa’s to win 3-0.

A Clean sheet in difficult conditions!

Miss Robinson’s players of the match: Eleanor and Juliet

Players Player: Cecily.

Thursday 17th October

This afternoon the U12 team played a CVL tournament against Torquay Girls Grammar, Kingsbridge, Newton Abbot College, and St Cuthbert Mayne.  In our first game against TGGS, the team asserted themselves really well into the game and had great possession. Molly in goal made some fantastic saves. Ella Wray worked hard running up and down the line. We won this game 1-0.  In our second game against Kingsbridge we needed to defend two short corners to which we did well with strength. This game ended at 0-0. Our third game involved Newton Abbot College and we were a little tired in this game. This was more a defensive game to which we needed to stay focused. NAC managed to get through our defence to score one goal, ending the match 0-1. In our final game, we increased the intensity to stay in the game and work hard in midfield. Ella Wray, Tess, and Ella worked well in attack to win the game 1-0.

Some good play today with some work to focus on for our next round of games.

Players of the tournament: Ella Wray and Molly

Mrs Coster. 

Thursday 17th October

Today, our U9’s faced a fast and furious afternoon of hockey in a U9 tournament at Marjon’s, Plymouth. We played 8 games in total with very short changeovers and the girls did well to cope with the high-paced demands of the afternoon.

In general, we kept a tight ship, only conceding 2 goals all afternoon and our tackles showed better stick position and more commitment as we went through the afternoon. We found it a challenge to control the ball as it ran faster over the astro than on our usual grass surface and the girls picked this up game by game. Arabella was strong in the middle and worked hard to track between defence and attack supported by Eva as sweeper who was a standout for her ability to clear the ball and inject pace and distance from free hits and hit-outs. Rosie, Emily, and Millie worked hard at staying in position in the midfield and carried the ball well in the vital middle ground. We had great chances throughout the afternoon but just did not manage to get a stick on ball at the crucial moments! Bea was a standout performer playing up and although initially a little overwhelmed, she came into her own and showed the fearless tackling and dribbling upfront. She was also awarded a medal for her sportsmanship – having collected many balls that flew over the sidelines, and bringing them back into play, even for the other team. Kitty and Dotty improved their clearing and positioning, closing down the defence more and making it count when needed. To develop, the girls can work on controlling the ball with their open stick as a matter of course, using their feet to get around the ball.

All the girls were a credit to Stover and congratulations to Eva for receiving Stover player of the tournament.

Monday 14th October

U16 at Plymouth College

Fourteen Year 11s made the trip to Plymouth College on Monday 14th October for their second competitive game of the term. In horrific conditions the boys played downhill in the first half and, despite the weather, started well. Both teams were evenly matched with little let-up in the first 10 minutes, pro-longed territory for Plymouth allowed them to break through the Stover defence to get the first score of the day. Man of the match, Josh Perry, constantly put Stover in some fantastic positions in Plymouth’s 22 only for the wet ball and sloppy handling errors to let them down. Plymouth scored another try on the cusp of half time to make it 10-0. Not taken advantage of playing downhill proved to cost Stover in the second half as they struggled to get out of their own half. The constant pressure was always going to lead to tries and Plymouth scored 4 in the second half. Final score 32-0

Thursday 10th October

The U8 and U9 girls all traveled up to Exeter University’s Sports Park for Exeter Cathedral School’s Festival. This was our first round of matches this season and particularly for the U8’s as this was their very first competitive match in KS2.

The U9’s started off very fiery and on task again Trinity, winning comfortably 3-0. Our second game against St Peter’s was an eye-opener as they were strong and wanted to push up the field. We needed to stay focused and involved tackling relentlessly in and around the D. We narrowly lost this match 2-1 due to a tight decision against feet in the D with St Peter’s getting the advantage of the goal.  Our third match involved Exeter Cathedral and this was a well-balanced game with both teams having good possession. Exeter managed to sneak in a goal against us. But we had good opportunities in this game but couldn’t capitalise of them.  In our last game against Maynard, we had a surging run from Millie from defence right through Maynard’s midfield and almost got her reward of a goal but narrowly missed just wide of the left post. This game finished 0-0.

In the U8 matches, the girls grew in self-confidence with each match played.  Georgie, Bea and Victoria made some fantastic saves and tackles in defence.  Tori also showed a defensive attitude with making some great tackles and then being able to drive the ball forwards down the side-line.  In attack, Lottie, Bea and Victoria grouped well and showed that they could win the ball in midfield, take the ball into the D and score some goals between them.  The girls are still learning how the game works with specific positions and how these work on the pitch as these were their first fixtures, they did so well all things considered.

Overall, this was a great opportunity for us to put into practise everything that we have been learning in lessons.  Well done to everyone!

Mrs Coster and Miss Came

Wednesday 9th October

Our U10 and U11 Hockey teams played an away game against Plymouth College. The weather just about held for most of the match until the last quarter when the heavens opened. 

In the U11 game, the girls really played competitively against a really strong Plymouth side. Plymouth showed a high level of ability particularly in the first two quarters. However, the girls dug in deep and started to find their confidence, making strong tackles and playing the ball successfully into the attacking D.  Sophia, Lucy, Emily and Esme worked well in midfield and attack. Fliss made some great kicks in goal, Elizabeth and Kaitlin began to feel confident on the ball and pressuring the opponents.   Anna really took charge of the game and showed her dominance and strong defensive skills and as captain, set the tone of never giving up and ways trying your best. She was particularly influential for Stover.  Sophia scored two goals, which were well deserved and came from a surging attack.  Due to Plymouth’ s earlier dominance, they did secure 6 goals.

Result 6-2 loss
Opposition’s player of the match: Anna
Mrs Coster’s player of the match: Anna

In the U10 match, Rosie asserted herself into tackles in midfield and defence and Rosa made some fantastic sweeps into the defensive D, both of whom assisted with clearing the ball away effectively and preventing any attacks coming through.  In attack, Ava showed great vision and made some fantastic passes into space for our girls to run onto and receive them in the end third of the pitch.  One of these such attacks proved successful, as Evie Smith managed to get on the end of one and score a goal for Stover!   Half time score was 1-0 to Stover.  In the second half, Plymouth managed to sneak a goal in to level the match 1-1.  There was a lot of running up and down the pitch from both teams fighting against one another to win the ball back for their team.

Result 1-1 draw
Opposition’s player of the match: Rosa
Miss Came’s player of the match: Evie Smith

Mrs Coster

Tuesday 8th October

Aquathon event at St John’s 8th October

On Tuesday afternoon we travelled to St John’s with 14 pupils ranging from Year 7 to 10 for a fiercely competitive Aquathon. Depending on their age group the boys had to either swim 9 lengths and a 1.5km run or 13 lengths and a 2km run. The standard was exceptional in some really tough conditions. The stand out performers who won their races were Michael Ignatenko (Year 7), Henry Gascoyne (Year 8), Michael Holt (Year 7), Archie Townsend (Year 9), Jed Griffin (Year 10) and Reuben Crosby (Year 10), with several others completing very competitive times. The standout performance was Michael Holt who filled in against Year 8 competitors from other schools only to record a fantastic win. Well done to all those that took part and a big thank you to St John’s for hosting a great event.

Mr Halse

Thursday 3rd October

On Thursday 3rd October our Under 13B’s travelled to Shebbear on a wet and windy afternoon. With a number of boys in the side very new to playing in fixtures it was very much a coaching game with both sides looking to improve their understanding. Shebbear kicked off down the hill on a short but very wide pitch. It was Shebbear who started the brighter of the two sides, despite the ferocious tackling of the Cutmore brothers they retained the ball nicely going through phases. When we got our opportunity we did just the same, however, keeping the ball nicely and really making the Shebbear defence work. Some excellent carries from Finnley Manton and Cosmo De Burton making some excellent gains. After a fantastic afternoon of rugby, Shebbear came out fractionally on top with two tries to one victory. It was really pleasing to see several boys out there really giving it their all who previously may have shied away from the contact side of the game. Well done to the entire squad.

Mr Halse

Thursday 3rd October

U11 at St John’s and Trinity School

The U11s had their first taste of Rugby this season when they made the trip to Sidmouth to play in a triangular with St John’s and Trinity.

Stover arrived with an inexperienced squad and was thrown in the deep-end with their first game against a strong Trinity side. With a number of the boys completely new to rugby the first half of ten minutes was a stiff learning curve and went in at half time trailing 3-0. After a half time talk and discussion about shape, the boys defended with much better width limiting Trinity to 1 try in the second half.

The second game, versus St John, saw significant improvements. The defensive line was led by Tom Robinson who tackled everything. Thomas Parson also contributed with some textbook chop tackles. The first half was evenly matched and finished 1-1. Stover was unable to score in the second half and conceded a late try, allowing St Johns to win 2-1. Despite this, the improvements were clear and obvious in the second game – showing good passing skill moving the ball wide. Special mention has to go to William and Henry Perry, both playing their first-ever rugby match and both contributing with strong carries and tackles.

Mr Ryan

Thursday 3rd October

This afternoon, the U12 and U13 Hockey teams travelled up to Shebbear College.

In the U13 game, the girls set the tone from the first whistle with dominance on the pitch. Cecily took ownership of the team and asserted herself in midfield linking up with Eleanor up front in attack. Ellsa and Daniella provided great width on the pitch and got stuck in with tackles and taking the ball around opponents. Abigail made some fantastic kicks in goal, with some of the opponent’s shots being extremely strong and direct. Olivia and Emmie became to be more dynamic in defence and started to close down the opponents better in the second half.  The entire game was fierce, competitive and very physical all over the pitch. Stover stepped up to the challenge and held their nerve.  We had some great chances in the attacking D and managed to capitalise on some of these chances with Cecily and Eleanor scoring 3 goals. Shebbear had two girls who play high level hockey who were trying to control the game. We tried to thwart their chances in the ball to create some chance for them to score. With this, they scored 7 goals. However, we still played on with determination and will power to work hard.

Opponent’s player of the match: Olivia

Mrs Coster’s player of the match: Ella

Score 7-3 loss.

In the U12 hockey, Tess, Cyrna, Tabby and Jules demonstrated some excellent hockey in the attacking end, with a early goal from Tess taking them 1-0 up. With some great clearances from Grace and Elen in defence, the girls managed to finish the first half with a 1-0 lead. 

Going into the 2nd half, our captain and goalie Molly, made some great saves, but unfortunately, Shebbear pulled back, scoring 2 goals. The girls didn’t let this knock their confidence, and with a minute to go, and some determination, Tess scored a great goal to finish the game.

Final results – 3-2 loss

Opponents player of the match – Tess and Jules 

Miss Came’s player of the match- Grace

Miss Came

Wednesday 2nd October

This afternoon we hosted Mount Kelly to have three games of Hockey.  This was a fantastic opportunity to further our experience and practise from our previous games with them earlier in the term.  In all, there were 60 girls playing competitive Hockey and we had the pleasure of witnessing some  fantastic competitive play with both schools working hard.  

In the A team, we wanted to show our dominance from the earlier match from a couple of weeks ago.  From the first whistle, both teams were competitive with a lot of the ball being won and lost in the middle of midfield.  Emily Gaffney made some great goal line clearances with Anna and Rosa baking up the defensive line brilliantly.  Anna is really showing her maturity and composure on the ball when it is needed most, also taking the hit outs and free passes due to her strength and distance in her passes.  Emily Sell ran tirelessly in midfield always showing the dedication and determination to support both the attack and defence.  Lex showed a better presence on the ball in attack and tried getting around the defence to drive into the D and take an early and powerful shot at the goal.  Evie Smith played really well against some strong Year 6 opponents, making some good tackles and runs with the ball.  Mount Kelly had one girl in particular who was their play maker, always at the centre of the action and opened up their opportunities.  This was the one player that we needed to man-mark and be strong with and we tried our best but we did tire a little in the last quarter.  The effort was high throughout the match and all of the girls worked well with each, never giving up and showing perseverance. We drew this game 1-1, repeating our last game with Mount Kelly.  

Opposition’s player of the match: Sophia.  Mrs Coster’s players of the match: Anna and Emily Sell

Result: 1-1 draw (Lex)

In the B team, Stover had 80% of the ball and showed dominance in possession but we could not finish it off and capitalise on our opportunity in the D.  Then in the last quarter, Mount Kelly counter attacked from a defensive hit out and managed to get the ball to pass through our defensive line to score their only goal.  This was frustrating as up until this point, Stover were the dominant team and had most of the possession.  Evie Bann had two really good shooting opportunities, and one in particular was a cracking shot just going wide off the left post.  Ava and Kaitlin stepped up the tempo in the last quarter after Mount Kelly scored their goal and if our injection of urgency proceeded this goal we would have been more attacking from the first whistle.  Fliss made some brilliant saves and clearance as goal keeper, keeping us in the game.

Opposition’s player of the match: Kaitlin.  Miss Robinson’s players of the match: Rosie and Fliss

Result: 1- loss

In the C team, the girls showed great positioning on the field and a good structure with spreading themselves out well.  This enabled the girls to play some long and wide passes into space with good technique.  In an around the attacking D, the girls showed great movement and supported each other really well with any potential rebounds coming their way.  Stover dominated this game and showed great competitiveness and composure on the ball.  When our defence did face the ball, our team were strong and brave with great clearances and interceptions being made.  The level of spirit and determination to play well and support one another was fantastic.  Elizabeth and Brenda both dominated the attacking D and showed their assertiveness on the ball and between them, scored 6 goals!

Opposition’s player of the match: Brenda.  Miss Came’s player of the match: Anneloes

Result: 6-0 win

Wednesday 2nd October

Our match today was a really entertaining game played by two evenly matched teams in wet and soggy conditions. Shebbear started strongly, scoring in the first five minutes. However, from the restart we forged into their half due to powerful carries from Ted Ager and Wilf Hayter. Following a couple of good rucks, Jack Cox was able to cross the line to even the score. After some good, competitive play in the midfield, Shebbear managed to score again only for us to power up to their line for Luke Bann to dot the ball down. The half ended with us 12- 10 in the lead. The second half was very evenly matched again. Shebbear scored to make the score 12 – 17 and once again we replied through Wilf Hayter to take the lead to 19-17 to us. With a few minutes to go, Shebbear scored in the corner taking the score to 22-19. We launched one more attack and came desperately close to scoring a late winner but it wasn’t to be. The boys really impressed with their commitment and rucking skills (led by Lhamo Thorpe)

Final score: Stover 19 v Shebbear 22

Tuesday 1st October

Yesterday the U14/5s travelled with the boys to Shebbear to play their first hockey match of the season.  Travelling to Shebbear with rain imminent was a little risky – and sure enough when we arrived, having had some torrential rain, the pitch was a little waterlogged down one side- we opted to play a revised game of 2 teams across half of the less so wet pitch!  The A team then consisted of Tilly in goal, Belle and Mollie at the back, Jemima, Jemima and Lulu in the mid field and Amaya up front.  We started very well after an initial shot on goal from Shebbear which seemed to jolt us into action!  Mollie and Belle were excellent at the back all game and defended so many attacking moves from Shebbear.  Jemima Gascoyne also made some excellent tackles from the penalty corners to prevent Shebbear from scoring and adding to their frustration.  After the first 8 mins we had a chance to score and a goal came in the shape of a great shot from Jemima H.  We managed to dominant the rest of the game until the last 5minutes when we started to tire and Shebbear kept up the pressure- they equalized and then shortly after, also had another shot on goal, which this time was successful- the final score being 2-1 to Shebbear- but an excellent result none the less.  Great team spirit from Stover, and excellent skills. In the second game we played a B team- and again both sides were evenly matched.  We again had plenty of chances in the first half of the game. Lizzie started really well, and used her skills to good effect to help push the ball up into Shebbear’s half.  Sabrina gained in confidence as the game went on in her role as RB.  In the mid field Lucy, Olivia and Mollie did well in terms of covering the pitch but needed to look up and try to connect their passing to Harriet up front. This improved as the game went on and we managed to break through to score the first goal.  Unfortunately Shebbear managed to claw one back and the final score was 1-1.  A great start to the season by the girls.

Wednesday 2nd October

This week we attended a swimming event for the girls and boys at Trinity School.  In the pouring rain, the pool resembled more of a steaming roman bath- the temperature was certainly more favorable in the pool than out of it!  We had assembled most of our swimmers together for this meet ranging from yr7-10, but with a two girl from the Prep School joining us too.  Races started with individual events in all strokes, breast, fly, free and back.  Each competitor in each age group took 2 events each.  We started well with the first round, the freestyle events, placing 1st in 5 of the 8 races, Emily and Sam getting us off to a great start.  Our backstroke was not as successful but wins in this round came from Will M and Daisy.  In the Butterfly races, our swimmers demonstrated their good training racking up more wins, with superb performances from Isla, Henry and Jed- who blew the field apart. In the final round of individual races again we finished well placed, winning 5 of the 8 races.  The last events of the day were the relays. Each team consisted of 2 boys and 2 girls for each age group- they competed in a mixed medley and a freestyle relay race each.  Stover almost had a clean sweep in the medley races winning 6 of the races and in the final round again we won 5 events.  It was a real pleasure to take the team, who all supported each other well on the day and demonstrated their great skill in the pool.

Tuesday 1st October

U13 Netball Central Venue League

​Stover’s first game was against Churston B team. Stover started strongly in defence with Abigail, Emmie and Cecily all making excellent interceptions. We panicked a little in attack and didn’t make the most of our chances but the girls held their nerve to draw the game 1-1.

Our second match was against Teignmouth Community College and the whole squad upped their game and controlled their passing. Jules fed the circle fantastically and Eleanor and Olivia moved the ball around the circle well to secure better shooting positions. The team’s united effort resulted in a 4-0 victory. 

Our final game was against our toughest opposition of the afternoon, Teign School. The girls demonstrated their sporting attitudes and kept their heads high throughout. Some fantastic interceptions from Daniella reduced the flow of the ball into their shooting circle but Teign held on to take a 4-2 victory.

Molly and Tabby stepped-up admirably to support the Year 8 girls and should be proud of their first senior school appearances. Congratulations to Olivia Edwards who deservedly received the players’ player vote from the team for the afternoon.

Friday 27th September

This afternoon we took part in Exeter School’s U10 Hockey Tournament. There were 7 teams involved with Stover, Maynard, Exeter School, Queen’s, West Buckland, Plymouth and Blundell’s all playing against one another. The weather was definitely a mixed bag and at times, there were downpours. 

Our matches were all fiery and fast-paced as there were only 8 minutes in each game to get stuck in and be competitive. Emily made some great saves in goal with ferocious kicks to the wings. Bella gained in confidence and closed down her opponents well. Rosa really controlled any free hits and passed the ball really well with power and accuracy.  Ava had great stamina and she needed to do a lot of running to support her team mates.  Lynsey improved with each game as she gained in self-confidence. Evie Smith made some great tackles and tried hard to shoot in the D.  Millie played her first match is learning the positions and tactics involved. Evie Bann supported Ava well in attack with her running and tackling.

Overall, some good games played with strong tackles and excellent sweep passes. 

Thursday 26th September

This afternoon, 10 children from Year 1 and 2 attended the Sports Partnership’s KS1 Football Fiesta at South Dartmoor Community College’s Astro.  This was a well-attended event with 13 teams playing across two pools with teams from Widecombe, Ilsington, Ashburton, Exminster, Moretonhampstead, and Stover.  Stover had two teams represented, one in each pool.  The children involved were Jacques, Lucas, Tom, Matias, Florry, Sam, William, Archie, James and Harry and each and every one of them was so excited all day to be playing in this event.  All of the children represented themselves and the school superbly and even helped other schools who had low numbers in some of their games!

Will, Sam and Lucas were formidable in their attack on each team and between them, they scored a plethora of goals from all sorts of angles around the box.  Each team member backed up their team mates in the usually high manner with hard work and endeavour to do the best they can do whilst learning the game and improving their skills and understanding.

Our results in Pool A – Jacques’ team were 3-0 win; 3-0 win; 2-1 loss; 4-0 win and 3-0 win. And in Pool B – Sam’s team – we had 2-0 win; 3-2 loss; 3-0 win; 4-0 win; 5-3 win and 6-0 win.

This meant we finished high up in both of the tables, with Jacques’ team winning the group and entered the grand final against the winner’s of Pool B and Sam’s team finishing runner’s up in pool B and reached the third place play-off.  Jacques’ team won 3-0 in the final meaning they won the whole event! Sam’s team won their play-off comfortably winning 6-0, therefore finishing third overall.  A wonderful afternoon of football and the children did themselves proud.

Mrs Coster

Wednesday 25th September

Today the U13s went to Mount Kelly for an extra fixture to play hockey.  From the outset, we looked strong in attack with Cecily firing some strong shots in towards the goal in the first few minutes.  Kelly looked a good opposition and the match promised to be an exciting one- however, once the girls settled into a better formation we began to play some good hockey.  Eleanor started to link up better with Cecily from the midfield and Daniella and Juliet had some runs down the wing.  Cecily scored 4 of the 5 goals in the game- demonstrating her great stick skills lifting the ball over the defender’s sticks.  Eleanor scored the other goal with a fine shot.  The final score was 5-2 to Stover.  With such a strong attack the defence was not under too much pressure but Kelly did have some good runs, but Emmie, Olivia, and Abi made some strong tackles and fed the ball well to the mid-field.

We then played Kelly second team.  The girls had to keep up their fitness levels for another 2 quarters.  Cyrna came on to replace Cecily.  Mrs Craven moved the girls around so they could experience some different positions and practice their skills either in attack or defence. Eleanor came into her own in this game coming out as top scorer.  Another win to Stover 4-0.

Mrs Craven

Wednesday 25th September

Today we hosted St John’s for our second game of the season and we definitely brought our positives from our first game against Mount Kelly.  We dominated from the very start with the girls keen to get stuck in and show their presence on the pitch.  Tackles were strong, passes were hit with vigor and they were well received and controlled, showing great movement across the attacking D being assertive in front of our opponent’s goal. 

The girls worked well with each other, backing one another up well and showing their eagerness to get forward and hit early balls into the D.  Ava and Sophia particularly did this well and supported one another fantastically well in and around the D with hitting the ball early and following this up.  Lucy and Lex are pairing up well in midfield and attack too with showing the desire to break away and penetrate the opponent’s defence.  In defence, Anna is showing a level of maturity and determination to keep strong and resilient whilst supporting her peers.  Special thanks and well done goes to the Year 5’s that represented Stover in an U11 game – Emily Gaffney in goal, Ava, Rosie and Rosa who all stepped up to the challenge incredibly.  Due to such a domineering and high scoring game, we rotated the players around the field positions to show respect to our opponent and try a few new things out.

We won this game comfortably 15-0.

A fantastic result girls, well done!

Opponent’s players of the match: Ava and Sophia Donald

Mrs Coster’s player of the match: Ava and Sophia Donald

Monday 23rd September 2019

Today the U14s had their first CV netball matches at the Hub. On a truly miserable day, we set out in good spirits!  Our first game was against Cuthbert Mayne- the team gelled well initially and after literally stepping off the bus played some good netball winning this first game 4-2.  The second game was against eh mighty TGGS- and whilst we could match them in attack they were to storing in attack- recording a loss 9-1.  However undeterred we had time for a quick team talk- remembering to offer for the ball and drive forwards.  A good victory in the next game over Churston-6-5.  Molly was making much stronger moves towards the ball in attack and Harriet and Amaya were linking up better in the circle.  Another close game followed in which Emmie really started to turn on her skills in defence and we held off Paignton 4-3.  IN the final match of the day we were up against Dawlish.  Stover probably played their best netball in this game with some great passages of play down the court. Belle worked har din this game and this proved vital in linking up the attack and defence.  A final win 8-1. MRS CRAVEN

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Match Report by Frazer Cox – Stover U12 v St Peters U12 – Rugby

Wednesday 18th September 2019

We travelled to St Peter’s for our first Rugby match of the season.  It was a hot afternoon to be playing Rugby.

St Peters won the toss and opted to kick the ball to Stover; Stover received and ran with great pace and determination at a well structured and disciplined St Peters team.  Stover’s resilience and gritty performance resulted in two well-worked first-half tries, run in by Wood Johanson-Berg & Frazer Cox.  St Peters stayed in the game with two tries of their own, making it level pegging at half time.

During the second half St Peters stepped up a gear playing to their strengths and Stover were simply not quick enough at the breakdown leaving holes in the defence, allowing St Peter’s three unreturned second half tries.  All in all, Stover had a decent performance with plenty for us now to work on for our next fixture.

Match Report By Frazer Cox

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Both teams played their first game of the season away to Mount Kelly in beautiful sunshine.  They did really well and started the season off with a magnitude of positives.

The U11A’s played a fast paced game involving a lot of running in each quarter with each period of play improving.  Anna Griffin was superb in defence with her consistent and strong tackles, clearing the back line, taking free hits and setting up midfield to attack.  Esme, Emily, Lex and Lucy are starting to support each other well in midfield and attack. Emily Gaffney, Izzy and Fern supported each other well in defence.  We made some great runs into the attacking D and had 4 chances in the first half of the game. Through grit and determination,  we remained strong throughout and managed to score with Esme striking a great shot at the top of the D. 

We drew this game 1-1. Player of the match Anna Griffin.

The U11B’s had a blistering start to the season scoring a cracking within the first 10 seconds of the game through Sophia.  Stover continued to dominate throughout and we focused on getting down low, tackling hard and driving the ball through the defence. Sophia was the play maker of the team, scoring multiple goals so of which were struck from the top of the D and she was supported well by Ava, who also scored. Evie Bann and Fliss improved their determination to win the ball with each quarter.

Final score 11-0 win to Stover

Opposition’s player of the match: Fliss 

Mrs Robinson’s player of the match: Sophie

Wednesday 18th September 2019

U13 A and B – As Stover basked in the sunshine on Monday afternoon this week- weather more suited to rounders than hockey (!) our U13’s took on their first challenge of the season vs Bramdean. Both games were short, intense affairs and the A’s made a great start with a confident goal in the first phase of play. With a stronger team overall Stover continued to domnate the game in this way, with our midfield of Cecily, Juliet and Olivia getting much of the attacking and scoring action in the D – and Isla getting on the end of good crossed balls to keep us comfortably in the lead. Our defence held position well, although were not really tested and Abigail C did well not to melt underthe increased heat in the GK kit!

The game ended 6-0 to Stover after just 15 mins of play.

The B team also made a positive start and looked both fast and determined in the centre, with a couple of blistering runs made by Daniella and Tabby. The Bramdean mixed team of girls and boys (!) had by now, found their stride and were looking more confident on the ball. Our girls tackled well though and made headway through capitalising on their second scoring opportunity. Our defence worked well together, communicating and clearing effectively to prevent any counter attacks from Bramdean. Molly and Phoebe looked strong and Cyarna played with developing confidence – at the end of 15 mins the score was 2-0 to Stover. Well Played Girls,

Tuesday 17th September 2019

Swimming – Today, we set off to Trinity School for the first of our new Aquathon fixtures.  It was a real pleasure to take away a team of girls this week to have a turn at a 150m swim followed by a 1500m run.  The girls ranged from Year 7 to 10 and we took those who wanted to swim, run or do both! We also took Esme in Year 6 who was keen to have a go too.  The first race of the day, in the glorious sunshine, saw Esme set off at an incredible pace in the pool.  Closely followed by Tabi.  Tess also did a good account of herself in the pool and Stover were placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the transition section.  The girls managed to keep ahead for the run over a hilly course, Tabi just pipped Esme to the finish in a great time of 7mins11secs.  Tess finished 3rd. In the second race, Isla, followed in her sister footsteps, with an immense swimming leg and finished 1st overall with an amazing time of 6m 16s.  Lucy E-J- not too keen on the swimming, really impressed Mrs Craven with her gutsy swim and came in second behind Isla.  Beth had a great swim in the pool teaming up with Juliet on the run and Elsa had her first representation for Stover in both events too.  Daisy too had a good swim on her leg to hand over to Eleanor.  In the final race of the day, Jemima was ahead of the field in the pool and had a great lead to maintain her first place with a time of 6m 16s too.  Lulu finished the running leg from Matilda and ended up 2nd (6.17) with Olivia completing the course in both events in a time of 7.03. Mrs Craven was so pleased to have had lots of support from the girls in entering this event and hopes that this will pave the way to more swimming activities in the future.

Monday 16th September 2019

Under 15 – The U15s travelled to the fist of their CV netball league fixtures today.  Bolstered by some of our talented Year 9 players the team looked good on paper. We had a great start against St Cuthbert Mayne.  From the outset, Jemima Hill used her speed to get the ball down the court linking up to Amaya and Lulu in the circle.  The shooting was on target and we quickly got into our stride winning this game 7-2.  In the second game, we had a close match versus the hosts Paignton Community College.  The game was end to end and our defence had their work cut out in the circle.  We needed to make more offers for the ball and keep working fast at pace.  The final score was 5-4 to us.  The third game saw us flagging slightly in terms of our fitness and we came up against a very strong TGGS team- who showed us how to play netball with some effortless play around the courts- we lost this game 11-1.  Slightly disheartened but not defeated we managed to raise our game against Brixham, with an impressive 8-0 win.  Belle stepped into the centre circle and showed how adaptable she is, Amaya came out to add some creative play in the middle of the court.  In the final match, Mrs Craven decided to keep the team the same- and we knew it would be tough against NAC.  We started well and after the first few centres managed to over turn the ball and score off a NAC centre.  We drew ahead and eventually won the game 8-7 a well-deserved finish.


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