Year 9 Penny Key Research Prize Presentation Evening

21st May 2021

Year 9 Academic Research Prize 

Google Classroom code – e56z27x

Join us at 6pm for our virtual Year 9 Academic Research Prize Evening hosted by Dr Stone. The Year 9 Academic Research project is an opportunity for pupils to enrich their learning through the undertaking of a research project on a topic they have not formally covered in class.

Topics include:

Claude McKeown: Feminism

Alice Taylor: The hidden history of Germany

Cecily Dalrymple-Hay: Dyslexia

Eddie Trice: 3D printing

Elvie Baker: Torism

Tom Wilson: Life in a sandy desert

The external judge will be Mr Mike Burgess, International Education Consultant and former Headmaster, who judged our 2016 prize evening

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