Year 8 Residential

27th March 2019

This year’s Year 8 Outdoor Education Residential followed the successful programme of the last two years: The Adventure Race, run by the locally based Spirit of Adventure.  40 pupils attended with the Year 8 tutors, Mrs Fenton, Mrs Gardner and Mr Forsyth. The first day saw pupils learn and practice the basic elements of map-reading, navigation and orienteering before embarking on a “bracing and refreshing” exploration of the River Meavy. After returning to their accommodation, pupils then learn how to make a delicious cake with nothing more than basic ingredients, a bag and some hot water.

Day 2 was split between various physical challenges on rock and in trees alongside the more cerebral activity of “pioneering”: building structure using rope and wood only.

All of these skills were then utilised and tested in the team Adventure Race Challenge on Day 3, which culminated in a memorable scramble thorough a muddy bog and a final wash off in the River before the hoisting of a team flag up their own hand built flag poles.

A great time was had by all!

Mr G Forsyth

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