Teigngrace Concert

23rd June 2020

Teigngrace Concert

Join us for the annual Teigngrace Concert which will take place virtually on Tuesday 23rd June 2020 at 6pm. The concert accentuates the link between the Templer family, the village and the school, as well as providing an opportunity for our music scholars to demonstrate their skills.

Mr Tizzard says, “I am really sad that we can’t all get to the church this year – it is my favourite concert of the year and I think it is for some of you as well.  It is our last full Music Department event of the school year, and of course, it is the chance when we get to say goodbye and thank you to musicians who are moving on. I really enjoy seeing how far you have all come in the year.​”

The concert will start at 6pm.

Teigngrace Concert – Tuesday 23rd June at 6pm

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