Year 9 Penny Key Academic Research Prize

21st May 2021

Year 9 Academic Research Prize – Presentation Evening

Friday 21st May 6.00pm via Google Meet

Google Classroom code – e56z27x

You are cordially invited to remotely ‘attend’ the annual Year 9 Research Prize Presentation Evening, in which 6 pupils, who have won through the selection process, will make 6-minute presentations on a topic of their choice. Each presentation will be followed by 2 minutes answering questions from the floor.

In previous years this has proved to be a fascinating evening’s entertainment, and we would urge you to attend if possible, and help make up the audience.

In no particular order the speakers are:

Claude: Feminism

Alice: The hidden history of Germany

Cecily: Dyslexia

Eddie: 3D printing

Elvie: ‘Torism’

Tom: Life in a sandy desert

Presentations and how each candidate deals with questions will be graded by our external judge, and the winner will be awarded the Dr Penelope Key Research Prize Trophy – which will be presented on Speech Day.

We look forward to seeing you there!

21st May 2021


This event is free to attend

This event has now passed

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