Year 11 Study Leave begins

13th May 2019

Final exams for GCSE, A2 and equivalent courses will start on Monday 13th May, and run through until late June – depending on which subjects are being studied.

Pupils in Years 11 and 13 will therefore have periods of Study Leave, to help them prepare for their exams. There is no Year 12 Study Leave.

Year 11

Study Leave starts on Monday 13th May.

Normal lessons will continue until 4.30pm on Friday 10th May. From Monday 13th May there will be no more formal lessons, although some extra revision lessons or help sessions may be timetabled in school by individual subject teachers – as required.

From Monday 13th May onwards, Year 11 pupils may study at home when not sitting an exam. Alternatively, for boarders and for those pupils who prefer to come to school during the examination period, supervised study sessions will be provided. Year 11 pupils are expected to be assiduous about signing in and out of school in the Entrance Hall.

When in school, including whilst sitting all examinations, pupils are required to wear full school uniform during the Summer Term.

In all cases, pupils who decide to revise independently at home are the responsibility of their parents or guardians and should be under direct supervision. Pupil leave from school must be confirmed by a parent or guardian by means of the accompanying ‘Year 11 Study Leave Form’, specifying the times and dates when pupils will be studying at school. In order to make sure that there is no confusion over who is responsible for each of our pupils at any given time, please make sure that this form is signed and returned to Form Tutors by Friday 26th April 2019. Pupils who are not in school on days when they are expected to attend will be considered absent and parents will be contacted by school and will be expected to provide an absence note.

After their final exam, Year 11 pupils are free to leave for an early summer break, but must let Form Tutors or House Parents know of their plans. All Year 11 pupils who are considering staying on in Stover in the VIth Form are encouraged to join in with the current Year 12 in Activities Week from Monday 1st July to Friday 5th July (term ends 1.00pm). Some time will be spent looking at the VIth Form Personal Development Programme for next year, and there will be teambuilding and other activities – all of which promise to be great fun.

During the course of the Summer Term there are a number of events that I hope Year 11 pupils will attend, including Sports Day on Friday 21st June, and Senior School Speech Day and Prize Giving on Friday 28th June.

13th May 2019


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