Sixth Form

Sixth Form EPQ


The EPQ is a stand-alone qualification equivalent to half an A Level.

It aims to give A Level students an opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate independent research skills.
  • Create a piece of extended writing or complete an artefact, for example a work of art, an invention or a musical composition.
  • Choose a topic that they are excited or passionate about.

There are three parts to the qualification:

  • A log recording how you manage and research the project.
  • A 5,000 word written report or 2,000 words plus an artefact.
  • A presentation.

How does it work?

  • You can do your project on anything, it just needs to be something you are really interested in. It can be a written, illustrated dissertation, or a statistically analysed investigation/field study, or a performance, or an artifact – in fact anything! – a computer programme, composition, poem, film, exhibition, business plan, teaching scheme…
  • Recent projects have been about suicide rates in young people, genetics, medicine, sports stress and depression, designing a computer game… the list is endless.
  • You will be assigned a supervisor who will support and guide you through the process.
  • You will have a series of taught lessons and will be expected to spend a further 90 hours working on the project independently.
  • Projects are submitted in May. You may begin your project at any time but ideally, you should allow yourself at least six months to complete it.

The EPQ is highly recommended for students applying to university as it demonstrates your ability to write and reference academically and provides evidence that you have a real interest in your subject. It mirrors the independent style of learning required for success at degree level and in the workplace.

The EPQ is worth up to 28 UCAS points for an A* and it could just tip the scales to get you into your chosen university on results day.

The project is also valued by employers.

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