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English as an Additional Language

for pupils whose mother tongue is not English

Improve vocabulary and grammar in order to communicate successfully in both the written and spoken word

Stepping out of your comfort zone and deciding to study abroad, and doing everything in a foreign language too, can be a challenging yet highly rewarding experience. The dual aims of the EAL Department are to enable overseas pupils to gain qualifications in English as a second language and also to work to their potential in terms of accessing all of their subjects and curriculum areas. In Stover School responsibility for the care and education of overseas pupils is seen as a whole-school issue, and the EAL department helps in the integration process and seeks to enrich the experience of living in a UK boarding school and studying abroad.

All EAL pupils are assessed on arrival to ascertain their level of English and results are made available to all teaching staff. This allows for individually targeted EAL programmes, and pupils consolidate their command of English both in the EAL classroom and in their other subject lessons.

In Years 10 & 11 pupils are normally prepared for the IGCSE English as a Second Language examination, and in Years 12 & 13 for the academic IELTS (International English Language Testing System), an examination often required for entry into UK universities. Although the IELTS level required may vary depending on the university course, an overall IELTS score in the region of 6.5 is usually required. In lower years, depending on a pupil’s needs some EAL support lessons may be arranged.

As with all subjects in Stover School, there is an emphasis on Research Based Learning wherever possible. In Year 10 the Work Experience Week provides a good example of this, allowing pupils to enjoy life outside the normal bounds of school, as well as getting a taste of professional life.

Improve vocabulary and grammar in order for pupils to communicate successfully in both the written and spoken word



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