Pre-prep show off their sports skills

22nd April 2022

On Wednesday our Nursery children took part in a gymnastics and dance festival in front of an impressively full Turkey hall with our parents, friends and family eagerly awaiting a showcase of activities that we’ve been working on this term.  The children worked in pairs performing a range of balances, weight bearing movements, shapes, and Spring movements.  The children showed fantastic attention, focus and hard work throughout the session.  Well done to all the children and thank you to everyone that came along to show their support. 

Then it was the turn of our Pre-Prep children coming together to perform a range of football and netball skills in their House teams.  The turnout on the side lines was fantastic, which was wonderful after recent times.  The atmosphere was bustling and positive from everyone.  The children all worked tirelessly in the warm conditions, and they all had a smile on their faces whilst rotating around the activities.  The Year 6 House leaders and our Head Boy and Girl also showed their support and encouragement by coming out on the courts to work with the children.  Well done, to all the children and thank you to the parents, family and friends that showed their support cheering on the side lines.

Mrs Coster 

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