Plastic Cup Free Week

12th November 2018

Stover School has recently held their first ever Plastic Cup Free Week, following publicity about the dangers discarded items have on oceans and wildlife.

Our Eco Committee asked the school to try and stop using single-use plastics, such as plastic water cups, in favour of sustainable alternatives. As a result, Stover School hosted its first-ever Plastic Cup Free Week and we are committed to doing more individually to reduce our single-use plastic footprint. 

Catering Manager Paul noticed a big difference in the School canteen. Perhaps the most notable change came from a significant reduction in the number of rubbish bags being thrown away from the Kitchen. On Monday, there was only one black bin liner thrown away compared to the seven bags that are usually disposed of each lunchtime.  

Pupils working on the programme went above and beyond in their quest to become plastic free and this success story emphasizes our message to pupils to never underestimate the power of their voice.

Mr J Hartley

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