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All staff receive training in Child Protection


Mrs Notman is the School’s designated Child Protection Officer. The Head of the Preparatory School fulfills this role in her absence. All staff receive training in Child Protection and follow the procedures set out in the Child Protection Policy.


Selfiecop is a new app that proctects children and teenagers from the dangers of sexting and selfies.  Selfiecop works by emailing parents a copy of every photo or video taken on their child’s smartphone or tablet.  This includes photos and videos captured by the most popular social networking apps. For further information.


Our School Chaplain, The Rev’d Fiona Wimsett, organises collective worship, which reflects the Christian ethos of the school.  We continue to enhance and develop our strong Christian ethos. She leads special services in the Preparatory School as well as teaching much of the Religious Education curriculum. Assemblies are an educational experience and provide opportunities for the teaching of certain facts, discussions of particular values and the sharing of insights both locally and around the world.

Pupils may visit the Chaplain if they wish and parents may contact her by calling the main school office on 01626-354505.


Stover employs a School Counsellor who is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Teachers or parents may refer a child to the School Counsellor. She can be contacted by parents or staff.


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