A382 Road Improvements

5th January 2022

We have been advised by the main contractors for Phase 3 of the A382 Road Improvements, Griffiths Civils, that there will be traffic lights running from the 4th January for 7 weeks, to construct the Houghton Barton Link Road between School and Forches Cross.

We have engaged with both Griffiths and Devon County Highways regarding the fairly inevitable delays during this period and come up with what we hope will be some  help to all.

Firstly, we will be improving the shared entrance to Hunters Moon which will enable all the mini buses to enter and exit each day, freeing up our main entrance. In addition, Griffiths Civils are donating aggregate and machinery to help improve this and the back lane gate (Templar Way) exit so that suitable vehicles could enter via Teigngrace in the mornings and exit in the evenings. All works to be completed before the 11th January, fingers crossed.

Importantly, we must point out that vehicles using the Teigngrace, back lane exit , do so at their own risk and we cannot accept any liability for damage etc. We ask that users of the Teigngrace back lane exit adhere to the one way only route as passing on the lane is very difficult, if almost impossible.  We also have to thank the residents of Teigngrace for their understanding during this period. Please also note that there is no intention to open up this lane on a permanent basis as it is controlled by DCC as part of the Templar Way and is used extensively by walkers .

Many thanks for your patience and understanding during this period.

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