SPS Sports Results

SPS Sports Results and Reports

  • Thursday 21st September - U11 A Netball v Mount Kelly Prep
    • Today we played a home tie against Mount Kelly Prep in unsettled weather, which did make playing conditions a little difficult at times.

      Both Stover and Mount Kelly started the first half with the usual competitiveness as expected. Our attacking play improved over the half and into the second half with more accuracy into the D. We had two clear chances at putting the ball into their net, but unfortunately, this did not materialise, but both attempts were tantalisingly close!

      Both teams had the chance to put into practice defending and attacking short corners for various infringements in the D. We did defend on these with improved confidence.

      Mount Kelly secured the lead with an attacking manoeuvre which wasn't picked up in our D and found its way into the back of the goal. Then their second goal was a lapse in concentration and positioning on our part with an excellent through ball fed in from midfield.

      For our first game there are a lot of positives that can be taken away from this fixture and we now have some clear directives for our focus points for the next one.

      Result: 2-0 Mount Kelly

      Opposition's player of the match: Isla

      Mrs Coster's player of the match: Eleanor

  • Friday 22nd September - U9 Netball v Mount Kelly
    • Today we played an away match against Mount Kelly in beautiful autumnal sunshine.  The Astro surface proved fast paced and dynamic. Our positioning, tackling and attacking play significantly improved in the second half.  Emily, Sophia and Fliss all worked tirelessly making tackles and trying to run with the ball.

      Bella, Rosa and Rosie were working well with implementing the tactical awareness with learning a new game.  Kaitlin did a sterling job as sweeper clearing the ball away.

      Mount Kelly scored 3 goals in the first half, but due to our improvement, we held them to only gaining one goal in the second half.  Stover had three great goal scoring opportunities but just couldn't find a good connection with the ball at the last phase of play.

      Opposition's player the match: Sophia

      Miss Robinson's and Mrs Coster's: Emily and Fliss

  • Monday 2nd October - SSP Cross Country
    • Yesterday Stover played host to in excess of 400 pupils from Years 3-6 whom were all keen to run our beautiful Cross Country course in their age and gender categories.  Conditions were very good for running and our pupils were eager to compete against our local Primary Schools to have fun but to be competitive at the same time.  We had some fantastic results last night, in particular - Chan Eun Jang finished 1st in his U9 Boys Category, bearing in mind that each race had over 100 pupils competing! Such an amazing victory.  In the U11 Girls category, Alex Tarrant finished a wonderful 7th and Abbie Cox 17th.  Noah Sutton ran well in the competitive U11 Boys category finishing 19th.  All of the results can be found in the table below.


      Year 3

      Year 4

      Year 5

      Year 6

      Ava Donald 21st

      Sophia Donald 34th

      Tabby Morris 46th

      Elliot Fenton 31st  

      Anneloes Salmon 87th

      Chan Eun Jang 1st

      Elen Stone 51st

      Noah Sutton 19th

      Rosie Arnold 94th

      Esme Pollak 91st

      Lucca Mitchell 48th

      Isla Pollak 28th

      Bella English 76th

      Alexandra Hall 90th

      Alex Tarrant 7th

      George Robinson 25th

      Enola Cutmore 86th

      Emily Sell 96th

      Jemima Marsh 66th

      Abbie Cox 17th

      Lynsey Sell 50th

      Kaitlin Cannings 103rd


      Aine Graham 42nd

      Grace Ward 59th

      Evie Bann 67th

       Thomas EJ 87th


      Emmie Somers 60th

  • Thursday 5th October - U11 A&B Hockey v Maynard School
    • In beautiful Autumnal weather, all of Year 5&6 girls faced a home tie against Maynard School with our U11 A, B and C teams all in action this afternoon.  The A team proved to be a force to be reckoned with with Isla, Abbie and Eleanor particularly working tirelessly in midfield and attack to win the ball back and put the opponents under pressure.  Sofia had little to do in goal during the first half as we finished this half with 4-0 up.  However, in the second half she was put under a little pressure which she dealt with very calmly and effectively and not conceding any goals.  Emmie and Olivia made some strong tackles in defence to keep Maynard at bay.  We finished the match with a 4-0 victory! (Eleanor 3, Alex 1).  Maynard voted Isla as player of the match.

      The B team also show a great deal of dominance on the field with Meranda constantly looking at running through Maynard's midfield into attack, which actually led to one of goals with Tess getting on the end of one of Meranda's through balls.  Delphine played well with her strong and competitive tackling taking place which ensured she moved from Centre Back position to Centre Midfield due to her willingness to get the ball and create an opening for Stover.  This game finished with a 3-1 victory! Maynard voted Tess as player of the match.

      The C team saw a balanced game in all areas of the pitch in their game, with Bethany clearing the ball well with her strong hits of the ball.  Harriet made some good runs through the midfield area of the pitch.  Stover secured a first half goal which added to their confidence, however, they did concede 2 goals in the game to narrowly lose 2-1.  Katy was voted player of the match by the Maynard team.

      This was such a wonderful afternoon of Hockey in lovely weather involving 60 pupils in total!  Well done girls!!!

  • Wednesday 18th November - U11 Hockey v St John's
    • Today our hockey team continued their excellent run with a super game and resounding victory over St Johns. After a slightly tentative start which saw both teams trying to get to grips with the conditions, Stover started to dominate and played some nice through balls down the pitch, commandeering the St Johns half. Despite a couple of excellent chances, played through from defence to attack with some impressive passing and dribbling, we were a little too nice in the D, hesitant to jab our stick on the ball which meant crossed balls resulted in hit-outs rather than goals. In the first half, we held our shape well and began to pass the ball with more force. In the closing seconds St Johns scored from a penalty corner to go 1-0 up at halftime. In the second half, again our midfield dominated and there was some brilliant link work, using the width and lines of the pitch. the girls took on board advice and attacked the ball more, accelerating into the ball. Our defence cleared with far more intensity and contacted the ball more sweetly, putting the St Johns team under pressure. Early on, Stover struck back with a goal to level the game 1-1 and from that point, they went from strength to strength, with some gutsy play in all areas of the pitch. Daniella was absolutely outstanding in goal and saved a couple of belters from St Johns counter attacks. At our attacking end, a slightly messy goal rattled past the keeper to take the lead and three other excellent goals followed in quick succession. The game finished a competent 5-1 win to Stover - well played girls!


      Players Player of the match - Abigail Cannings

      Miss Robinsons player of the match - Tess and Daniella

  • Wednesday 8th November - SPS House Cross Country
    • This afternoon all pupils from Reception to Year 6 took part in our Annual House Cross Country event in lovely Autumnal weather, albeit a little boggy in places!  The pupils really got into the spirit of the event with handmade banners having been designed and used by the pupils.  This was the first year that Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils ran individually and not part of a relay team and their points being recorded and used to provide the final House totals, so every run counted!  A fantastic effort from everyone, so well done to all!


      The winning pupils from each races were as follows:

      Reception/Year 1:

      Boys: Lucas Cox

      Girls: Georgiana English


      Year 2:

      Boys: George England

      Girls: Arabella Armitage


      Year 3&4:

      Boys: Chan Eun Jang

      Girls: Ava Donald


      Year 5&6:

      Boys: Oliver Halton

      Girls: Alex Tarrant


      House results:

      These were as follows:

      3rd Place Victora Courtenay 154 points

      2nd Place: Elizabeth Seymour 128

      1st Place: Mary Templer 97 points

  • Wednesday 8th November - U10 Hockey v Bramdean
    • The girls started very well, with our defence and midfield making good contact with the ball and clearing into space. We dominated this period and the ball spent a good proportion of time in our attacking D - unfortunately we just didn't manage to make that final sweep past the keeper. Meranda battled away well in midfield and Phoebe kept position well while Tabby really proved she is an excellent tackler and sweeper of the ball. At the back, Jemima worked well in the center, covering crosses into the D and dispatching them with confidence wide into the spaces. Aine worked tirelessly making tackles and blocking shots while both Katy and Isabella gained confidence, making some good defensive runs and clearances. Tess was quick at the front, drove the ball forward and dealt with some very strong defence from Exeter Cathedral. Just seconds before halftime Exeter popped a goal, despite valiant opposition from our defence and courageous work from Ursula as GK.

      In the second half, some great tackling and through balls from Tabby and fantastic dribbling from Elen ensured that Stover got back in the game with an excellent goal. Our team continued to play well and fight until the final whistle. Well played girls


      Final score: 1-5 to Exeter Cathedral

      Exeter Player of the Match: Jemima

      Miss Robinson's Player of the Match: Tabby

  • Thursday 9th November - U9 Hockey v Exeter School
    • This afternoon we played an away match against Exeter School.  The girls did a credit to themselves and played so well against a strong Exeter side. We played three-thirds of 10 minutes and the girls showed great stamina and endurance.

      Some great tackles were made from Sophia, Bella, Emily Gaffney and Emily Sell on defence. Fliss made some fantastic saves as goalkeeper.

      Exeter sneaked a goal in the first third that trickled over the line, then their second goal in the second third was actually a well worked set piece.  The final third saw Stover playing more competitively with two near misses from Alexandra, with one fantastic effort against the keeper and the second effort Alex couldn't quite get on the end of a through ball into the D.

      Player of the match: Sophia.

      Result: 3-0 loss

  • Thursday 16th November 2018 - U11 Hockey v Bramdean
    • This afternoon, the U11 team played a home match against Bramdean.  This team is usually quite strong, so our team tactics and focus was to start the match with high pressure, competitiveness and teamwork.  I can honestly say that all aspects of these were incorporated into the match with fantastic teaming up with our offensive players, Alex, Isla, Eleanor and Abbie, all working hard in attack.  This led to three amazing goals in the first half, all coming from the attacking four players.  Due to being so strong and allowing our other girls to have a good passage of play, we made some substitutes at halftime and through the second half.  Bramdean managed to score their only goal of the match in the second half, and this was a well-worked goal that they deserved.  Our pressure and willingness to get the ball back continued into the second half and we added to our goal tally with a fiery goal from Eleanor.  We also showed good defensive skills during Bramdean having two short corners and we were also awarded two short corners that we were practising our tactical work during these set pieces.  Daniella did not have to do a great deal in the first half, but later in the second period of play, she was called on with having to make some great saves - she did not disappoint!


      Result: 4-1 win

      Opposition's player of the match: Henrietta

      Mrs Coster's player of the match: Alex

  • Thursday 23rd November 2017 - U9A Netball v Plymouth College
    • This afternoon in mixed weather conditions we hosted Plymouth College to a home game of U9 Hockey.  The A team faced a competitive and strong Plymouth side on a slightly slippery grass pitch which did make playing the ball slightly difficult at times.  We decided to play three periods of 10 minutes to ensure that we could change players around tactically to allow everyone a fair amount of time playing on the pitch.

      The first third took us a little time to find our feet and assert ourselves on the pitch and we lost a little of the usually good positioning we show and how to spread the ball out wide.  We found ourselves 3-0 down after the first passage of play.  After a re-focus at the end of the period we started the second period of play with our usual sense of competitiveness, urgency on the ball and working the ball into the attacking part of the pitch and this was much better.  In this period we did not concede any goals and this was a testament to our commitment and desire to get back into the game, and we then went on to score a well-worked goal with support from Esme and Sophia.

      The final third soon came around and we tried keeping that previous level of pressure from the second period, but we struggled to keep going with stamina and showed that we tired somewhat.  Plymouth fought back with two more goals, and therefore, the final scoreline was:


      Plymouth 5

      Stover 1

      Esme played well today showing a good amount of speed and willingness to get forward and to be competitive in the final part of the field, Fliss remained calm and focused whilst dealing with quite a few through balls in our D and defended strongly and tirelessly, and Emily Gaffney was solid in defence making some cracking tackles at the back.


      Opposition's player of the match: Fliss

      Mrs Coster's player of the match: Fliss

  • Wednesday 15th November 2017 - U11 Netball v Bramdean
    • This afternoon we played a U11 home match against Bramdean.  We knew that this team is usually quite physical and strong, so our team tactics and focus right from the start was starting the match with high pressure, competitiveness, and teamwork.  I can honestly say, that all aspects of these were incorporated in the match with fantastic teaming up from our offensive players Alex, Isla, Eleanor, and Abbie all working so hard for one another in attack.  This led to three amazing goals in the first half all coming from the great work from the attacking four players.  Due to being so strong and allowing our other girls to have a good passage of play, we made some substitutes at halftime and through the second half.  Bramdean managed to score their only goal of the match in the second half, and this was a well-worked goal that they deserved.  Our pressure and willingness to get the ball back continued into the second half and we added to our goal tally with a fiery goal from Eleanor.  We also showed good defensive skills during Bramdean having two short corners and we were also awarded two short corners that we were practising our tactical work during these set pieces.  Daniella did not have to do a great deal in the first half, but later in the second period of play, she was called on with having to make some great saves - she did not disappoint!


      Result: 4-1 win

      Opposition's player of the match: Henrietta

      Mrs Coster's player of the match: Alex

  • Thursday 7th December 2017 - U9 Hockey v Exeter Cathedral School
    • Our last game of the season brought us to Exeter University's Sports Park to play Exeter Cathedral School. The weather conditions were quite blustery and difficult at times, however, Stover A's asserted themselves from the first whistle. Most of the play on both sides was fought over and won in the midfield area of the pitch.

      There was a series of great tackles and controlling of the ball in the midfield and defence where Emily Gaffney, Emily Sell and Bella had to stay alert.  Rosa made some more attacking runs into the attacking D in the second half.  Sophia worked tirelessly in the midfield areas.

      The final result was 0-0 but Stover definitely had the edge and we could have capitalised on a few good opportunities but we could not get on the end of the through balls.

      Opposition's player of the match: Sophia

      Mrs Coster's players of the match: Rosa and Emily Gaffney

      A great way to end the season! Well done, Girls.


      Mrs Coster

  • Wednesday 17th January 2018 - U11 Netball v Bramdean School
    • Today we keen to play our first match of the season. Armed with our pretty pink new netballs and professional water bottles we set off with high hopes. Our warm-up was both slick and effective, ensuring good preparation. Our opponents, Bramdean were confident having played matches already this season and boasting a strong side with many County Representative players. In the first and second quarters, we were really just finding our feet in terms of putting together sequences of passes, finding space, and marking our opposing players tightly.

      After a slight team re-shuffle, we had a far more positive second half of the game. We began to dodge with more purpose, pass with more force, and really stepped up our efforts on defence, turning over many balls through interceptions and making loose balls ours. We scored a couple of outstanding goals in this phase of the game and really made an impact, getting back into the game on fairly even terms.

      Overall this was a tough start to our netball season but the girls were gracious, determined, and showed definite progress from beginning to end. Well done all!

      Players Player of the Match: Abigail Cannings

      Miss Robinson's Player of the Match: Emmie Somers and Grace (on her debut!) 

  • Friday 19th January 2018 - U9 B v Exeter School
    • B Team Report

      The first half of the game was played mainly at the Exeter School shooting end which gave Stover's defence a challenge but they really held strong with some fantastic deflects of the ball from Fearne (GK). Daisy (GD) and Anneloes (C) also worked hard to defend. The tenacity of the Stover defence resulted in Exeter School not managing to score in that quarter, despite the location of gameplay being in their favour. Despite the threat of the foreboding rain clouds above, Stover kept up their vigour, resulting in some wonderful dynamic dodging and receiving by Thomas (GA) and Rosie (WA) at the Stover shooting end. Exeter School managed to move the gameplay towards their end again in the last few minutes of the game and scored their 1-0 victory. Overall, it was a close game and there was some great playing from both Stover's attackers and defenders. 

  • Thursday 25th January 2018 - U11 A v Plymouth College
    • The weather this afternoon was not kind to us, so we ventured into the tennis dome to play our Netball matches.  Due to having some extra time and giving our girls an extra opportunity, we played everyone in an afternoon of Netball against Plymouth College.  We started off with a C team match against Plymouth B's, which enabled the girls who had not experienced a fixture yet the chance to play in a competitive game.  After this, our A and B teams took on Plymouth next on both courts indoors.


      The A team had several members down to the recent flu and sickness bugs going around, therefore, the team did have to move around a little in other positions and not have substitutes during the match.  This meant that the girls had to work tirelessly throughout the 4 quarters against a really competitive team.  The first quarter allowed us to find our feet a little and slowly settle into the game and we scored one goal from Zoe in her first match for Stover.  Our second quarter was certainly our best one of the entire match as we re-grouped during the interval to set our target for the period, of which the girls worked so well with and thwarted Plymouth's attacks.  This was particularly poignant from Cyrna who man-marked her opponent superbly throughout the game and thus taking her out of the game by doing such great marking and intercepting.  In the last period of play, Eleanor changed positions with Zoe and scored our second goal of the match, and came as a result of some good attacking play.  Plymouth had two excellent goal scorers who took advance of most of the chances that they received and did had a handsome goal tally against us, however, both Emmie and Daniella did do a sterling good at trying to get back and mark them as best as they could.


      Opposition's player of the match: Emmie

      Mrs Coster's player of the match: Cyrna

      Mrs Coster

  • Thursday 1st February 2018 - U9B Netball v St Peter's School
    • Last Thursday, our U9 B team faced a competitive encounter versus the historically strong St Peter's. The team were a mix of experience, with Fliss playing as captain, strengthening the team from the centre. Both teams started out keen to secure a lead In the first quarter however this led to crowding of the ball making it very difficult to find space - Stover improved in their awareness of positional tactics and held their feet still when in contact with the ball. In the next two quarters, the passing over the centre court was more dynamic, powerful and moving forward in an attacking direction. We started to defend with more belief and made vital interceptions which broke down St Peters play. At the end of the third quarter, only one goal separated the teams and Stover prepared themselves for a tense and nail-biting final phase of the game. 

      In the final quarter, Stover showed both determination and skill progression - passing, and dodging into space were markedly improved. In an excellent chain of attack from our own backline, Stover brought the ball all the way up the court and fed into Elisabeth in the circle who took her time and shot at goal - scoring her first ever match goal, bringing the scores to a tie.


      The end result was a very fair draw - well played everyone!


      Stover 1 - St Peters 1


      Player of the Match: Fliss Gigg

      Miss Robinson's Player of the Match: Thomas Eastley-Jones

      Mrs Robinson

  • Thursday 1st February 2018 - U11 Netball v Sidmouth
    • Today our U11's faced and away fixture vs St Johns in Sidmouth. The girls made a good impression during the warm up, preparing themselves well for the start of the game. In the first quarter we made a strong start, monopolising the possession and playing with so much enthusiasm and speed that often little mistakes were made. 2 good goals secured an early lead and Stover were well ahead in terms of tuning over balls and interceptions. This continued in the second quarter and at half time the score was 3-0. In the third quarter the girls worked hard to be more steady in their approach and use space more effectively - this had the magic effect and 3 more quick goals gave us a seemingly insurmountable lead of 6-0. In the last quarter, another goal took us 7-0 in the lead and in the last second, St Johns pulled one back to finish the game at 7-1 Stover. Some excellent work in defence throughout and centre court domination proved vital. well done girls!


      Players Player of the match: Emmie Somers

      Miss Robinson's Player of the Match: Abigail Cannings and Abbie Cox

      Mrs Robinson

  • Thursday 22nd February - U11B Netball v St Peter's and Maynard
    • Today, we took part in a lovely triangular tournament with St Peter's and Maynard in beautiful sunshine in Lympstone. Our first game involved St Peter's and the girls asserted themselves well from the start. Some good overlaps and possession were demonstrated and we found ourselves having some good goal scoring opportunities. Sofia and Eleanor had some good shots at goal to secure a 2-1 victory. Our second game involved Maynard and we rotated Olivia on as Centre and Julia as GA.  Olivia played very well in this position and showed a dominance on the court. Abigail intercepted a vast number of passes into the end third and she was voted as player of the match. We also won this match 2-0.

      Well done girls!


      Mrs Coster

  • Friday 23rd February - U9 Betball v Mount Kelly
    • This afternoon, in a chilling wind we played our U9 Netball match against Mount Kelly.  The girls got off to a great start going into the end of the first quarter of 1-0 up.  The second period of play saw Mount Kelly gaining in confidence and scoring two goals.  During the third quarter, we scored another goal to level things up, however towards the end of this passage of play, Mount Kelly managed to sneak one more in to bring the scoreline to 3-2.  Up until this point, we remained very competitive and the balance between the two teams was evenly matched with both teams showing good possession and attacking play.  However, during the last quarter, we did slip slightly and lose our focus and attention when defending towards our own 'D' which allowed Mount Kelly to capitalise on this and secure a good spell of play and net a few more goals.  The end result was therefore 6-2 to Mount Kelly.


      Opposition's player of the match: Sophia

      Mrs Coster's player fo the match: Tilly

      Mrs Coster

  • Thursday 8th March - U12/U13 Football v St Peter's and Taunton School
    • Match reports for U12/U13 Football v St Peter's and Taunton School

      Stover U13 A vs St. Peter’s U13 A
      Stover's first match was against a big St. Peter’s team. Playing up the hill and against the breeze, we were under pressure from the start, The boys defended well and worked tirelessly off the ball to close St Peters down. We grew into the game and were easily the best side after the first 10 minutes. Their goalkeeper having a fantastic game making several saves to keep the score at 0-0. However, on 15 minutes Hugo Denman found himself a yard out with an open goal after another fine save to poke home and put us ahead. After halftime, a defensive mistake saw St Peters level the scoring. Shooting downhill the boys found it much easier and the chances started to come thick and fast, only for the final touch to let us down. Hugo then found himself in a similar position to score his second and put us 2-1 up. Again we conceded when in an attempt to counter we lost the ball on the halfway line where their striker dribbled and then shot from 25 yards to hit the top corner. That looked like how it might finish, but late on a Noah Fenton tap-in saw us take the lead and the match 3-2.
      Match report was written by Jed Waugh

      St Peters- 2
      Stover- 3 (Denman x2, Fenton)

      Stover U13 A vs Taunton U13 A
      Stover second match saw us face Taunton school, who was an excellent footballing side. Starting up the hill again we played well and fought hard to keep hold of the ball. It was Hugo who again found the back of the net with a nice finish tucked inside the bottom corner. One soon became two when Jamie Perry volleyed home from 20 yards into the bottom corner. Taunton came back strong a pegged the lead back scoring just before the break. Attacking downhill in the second half the boys had much more confidence and it wasn't long before Pip Burton-Race, and a long distance free kick from Oliver Belotti made it 4-1 and that's how it finished.
      Match report was written by Jed Waugh

      Stover- 4 (Denman, Perry, Burton-Race, Bellotti)
      Taunton School- 1

      A fantastic afternoon of football played in good spirits. Man of the match went to Jed Griffin for his fantastic work ethic and his much-improved understanding of his role at centre-half.
  • Thursday 15th March - U12 Football v Bramdean
    • Stover U12s 8 - 2 Bramdean U12s

      Stover's U12 side was determined to finish their season on a high, against a strong visiting Bramdean side. However, Bramdean showed early on that they were no pushovers, converting an early penalty to make it 1-0. Stover responded well to going a goal down, Ollie Bellotti scoring his first of 4 goals of the afternoon. Bramdean though came back again, scoring a fabulous free kick from all of 25 yards and Stover was again on the back foot. It was Stover who had the last laugh. Hugo Denman levelled for the U12's and the Aaron Baker grabbed his first goal of the season to secure Stover's advantage at the interval.

      Knowing it was their last half of football for the season, Stover really expressed themselves in the second half. The boys got the ball on the floor, in difficult conditions, and started to play the attractive football they had become known for. Stover grabbed a further 5 goals in the second half (Bellotti 3, Baker 1, Denman 1) emphasising their superiority. A great end to the season for the U12's, well done!

      Man of the Match: Aaron Baker


  • Tuesday 6th March - Swimming Gala
    • Last night, five Year 6's travelled down to Plymouth's Life Centre to compete in Devonport Royal Swimming Association's Primary School Gala.  Stover took part in a mixed Freestyle Relay.  Our pupils were Isla Pollak, Zoe Maynard, Henry Gascoyne, George Robinson and our reserve Noah Sutton.  Our race was last and we had a lot of time watching the Girls' and Boys' team warm-up and compete and get ourselves ready for the challenge that lay ahead.  Our team were confident, enthusiastic and ready for their chance to compete and have a go.  In our final, there were 6 teams in total, and each member played their part for each leg with Isla starting with a dive, then George, Zoe and finally Henry being strong in the final leg.  We won the mixed Relay by a comfortable distance!  Well done to the whole team, Mrs Pollak for assisting me with being the team manager, and our parents - Mr Gascoyne, Mr Robinson and Mr Sutton for all coming down to support the team.  A wonderful evening and a fantastic result for Stover!

  • U11B Football v Mount Kelly
    • We travelled across the Moor in hail storms to play our Football match on Astro in wet conditions. However, the sun did eventually come out to warm us up. The boys played fantastically well as a team, trying to keep their positions on the pitch and support each other in attack and defence. During the warm-up we concentrated on closing the ball down quickly to pressure each other on the ball. This came to point during the game as we did just that, every time Mount Kelly had the ball we closed them down and pressurised them immediately and more often than not we regained possession from this.

      Our first touch improved significantly during the game and we were strong and confident on the ball and attacked their goal line regularly. Samuel, Fraser, Will and Toby all showed competitiveness in midfield and attack. Oliver, Andrew and Eddie were a great unit in defence. Henry made down good runs down the line and Ryan had to keep his concentration from thwarting some super strikes from afar from Mount Kelly.

      The results were 2-1 to Stover with goals from Toby and Frazer.  Mrs Coster's players of the match are Frazer and Toby.

       Mrs Coster