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Examination Results

Stover celebrates another set of outstanding GCSE and A Level results.

GCSE Top performers 2013

Gabriela Bridger achieved 11 GCSEs with 8 A* grades and 3 A grades.

Emily Morris achieved 10 GCSEs with 7 A* grades and 3 A grades.

Georgina Allen achieved 10 GCSEs with 5 A* grades and 5 A grades.

Bethany Milward achieved 10 GCSEs with 3 A* grades, 5 A grades and 2 B grades.

Annabel Kennedy achieved 10 GCSEs with 2 A* grades, 6 A grades, 1 B grade and 1 C grade.

Andrew Burton achieved 10 GCSEs with 5 A grades, 4 B grades and 1 C grade.

The school also attained a 100% pass rate in ICT Nationals, run by the OCR examination board, which are equivalent to between 1 and 4 GCSEs with 45% of pupils gaining Distinction and Merit.


Parent Quote: Thank you for everything you have done for my son. We are very pleased with his results.

Parent Quote: The staff are open and friendly. The setting is beautiful which encourages a feeling of well-being and security.

Pupil Quote: The highlights are the friends I have made from all over the world and the one to one help I received from my tutors.


A-Level Results 2013  

Thirty two candidates sat papers in twenty one A-Level subjects at the independent, co-educational day and boarding school with 46% gaining A*, A and B grades. Once again students achieved excellent results in Mathematics and Further Mathematics with 59% gaining A*, A and B grades.

Stover is working in partnership with the Mathematics department at Plymouth University to further develop opportunities for our Mathematicians.

Top performing student James Li achieved 3 A* grades in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics and 1 A grade.

Head Girl Carolina Frumusachi achieved 5 A Levels with grade A* in Russian, grade A in Psychology, grade B in Mathematics and grade C in Economics and German.


A Word of Caution Regarding Exam Results League Tables

Unfortunately, due to regulations under which the DfE league tables are collated, the hard work and success of our pupils is not always fully reflected.

The headline statistic used in League Tables is the percentage of pupils achieving 5 or more A* to C grades including Maths and English. As a boarding school, we have a proportion of our pupils who come from overseas, for whom English is not a first language. We feel it to be in the best interests of these pupils to enter them for the ‘English as a Foreign Language’ IGCSE rather than the standard English GCSE – but results in English as a Foreign Language are not allowed to be included in the ‘5 or more A* to C grades including Maths and English’ statistic. We do however have to include all our pupils in our figures – even if they have never been entered for standard GCSE English. Effectively this means that some of our GCSE pupils were never even eligible for the chosen statistic in the first place – even though their Maths results were extremely good.  A better indication of performance for a school such as Stover is perhaps the average points score – although even this has its limitations.

A second issue is that at Stover, if a pupil really wants to sit a GCSE exam in any particular subject, we will support them in that. Particularly for some of our Learning Support pupils a result of a grade D in English or Maths might be a major personal achievement – highlighting some outstanding application and progress.

In Stover we take pride in always trying to do what is in the very best interests of each pupil, in terms of entering them for exams, and choosing courses of study.