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Food and Diet

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The Catering Provision at Stover

Active growing children and young people require plenty of wholesome food and regular meals. At Stover, we believe that we can offer something that will satisfy everyone. We use as much fresh food as possible with our menus linked to seasonal produce. We work with our suppliers to make as much use as appropriate of natural food products and to eliminate GM food and potentially harmful food additives. We ensure that our suppliers both local and national are committed to providing best quality and value with high standards of health and safety.

Our food

Stover takes considerable pride in the quality and variety of its food, placing emphasis on the importance of the social benefits of eating together as a community.

Having previously been awarded the Best School Dinners Award, Stover aims to provide a healthy balance giving pupils the confidence and ability to choose a balanced meal. Lower fat choices are highlighted on the menu.

All our food is cooked on-site using fresh ingredients where possible.

All children are offered a healthy snack consisting of fruit and/or crackers, toast or crumpets, during both the morning and afternoon sessions. Children are offered milk or water to drink and fresh drinking water is always made available for children to access and help themselves.

Catering is provided by the in-house team led by Paul Milward, Catering Manager who is available to answer any questions or discuss any particular requirements.

Our menus

We offer a wide choice of hot and cold food with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and salads. We offer our pupils a widely varied, healthy and tasty diet. We cater for all tastes and preferences and including special diet requests and requirements.

Weekly menus are put onto our website.  


Our nursery children enjoy a varied menu and at the same time we recognise that our youngest pupils appreciate a more home-style offering perhaps with fewer sauces and dressings. Our nursery staff serve the children in a friendly ‘family-style’ with the light and airy dining room being pre-laid with small size cutlery and crockery. Staff take great care in serving the children and supervise the pupils during their lunch.