Examination Board : WJEC

Advanced Level Course in Psychology.


Advanced Subsidiary Psychology can be used in one of two ways, either as a final qualification or as a way of discovering what academic psychology is about. AS Psychology can be used as the first half of an A level in Psychology. 

There are two exams leading to the AS qualification and two more to complete the full A level qualification. 

Some topics studied at AS level are:

·         Stress

·         Learning Theories

·         Thinking and reasoning

·         Language

·         Personality Theories

·         Therapies and treatments for mental illness

·         Mating behaviour in humans

·         Growing old

·         Conformity and obedience

·         Research methods and experimental design.


The course will be taught over one academic year.

Advanced Level Psychology consists of an AS and further study of a selection of topics. These include


·         Levels of awareness including hypnosis, sleep and dreaming.

·         Memory and forgetting.

·         Forensic (criminal) psychology

·         Ethical issues of using humans and animals in experiments

·         Gender and cultural biases in research

·         The use of Psychology in advertising and warfare

·         The scientific basis of psychology.

Students find psychology an interesting and refreshing subject to study because for most it is a new topic which has not been studied previously. During the course we learn about how people behave and the mental processes involved in a variety of situations. It involves practical work designing and conducting investigations and also debates about ethical issues.

Psychology A level can be useful for students who intend to work with people. Many students have found it useful in jobs such as management, banking, media, nursing, police, social work, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, teaching and statistical analysis.

Dr L Le Tissier BA BSc PhD PGCE

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A* & A at A Level