Media Studies


Media Studies is a rapidly changing subject that reflects changes in the media industry. Many aspects of the media are covered in the A level Media Studies course including:

Video production and theory with analysis and discussion of media texts, so students can criticise the way their world is represented by the media and develop their knowledge and understanding of forms and conventions, media institutions, audience and representation.



Media studies A level also has a practical coursework element, where students devise their own media products.

AS: Sequence Production of the titles and opening sequence of a horror movie. 50 % of AS grade, 25% of A level grade.

A2: Advertising Campaign Creation of an advertising campaign for a new film comprising a teaser trailer, a website home page and a magazine front page. 25% of A level grade.


Theoretical study:

AS: Key media concepts TV drama, audiences and institutions. This comprises a two hour examination. 50% of AS grade, 25% of A level grade.

A2: Critical perspectives This two hour examination comprises an evaluation of own production and one question on contemporary media issues. 25% of A level grade.

Media studies is a challenging subject giving students the opportunity to watch and criticise aspects of the media as well as undertaking their own productions of media texts.

The course benefits students looking to access University courses in television, film and the visual arts.


Miss A Barr   PGDip Broadcast Journalism B.Ed (Hons)  HND Video Production

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