Examining Board: Edexcel

Advanced Subsidiary (AS) 8GEO1

Advanced Level (AS +A2) 8GEO1 & 9GEO1



Geography should appeal to those students who:

• Have an interest in and concern for the environmet.

• Enjoy travelling and finding out about new people, places, landscapes and events

• Want to broaden their studies to cover both ‘sciences’ and ‘humanities’

• Want to keep their options open. Geography AS or A Level is an appropriate qualification for a very wide range of Higher     Education or career choices. It does not force you to make an early commitment


This syllabus follows on well from GCSE, with some familiar themes recurring at a higher level, but there are also many fresh and exciting topics. The Edexcel specification allows a balance between students’ own particular physical, human and/or environmental interests and key geographical topics that provide them with the knowledge, understanding and skills for further study at Higher Education or for employment. At AS Level students will explore the meaning, causes and impacts of a number of headline global issues. They will also investigate one physical and one human topic and develop their skills in fieldwork, research and practical work. At A2 Level the unit entitled Contested Planet will allow a detailed study of resource use and management and the link to economic development. The Geographical Research module encourages students to research in depth a key area of Geography and set it in a global synoptic context. Local fieldwork is undertaken throughout the course, visiting Dawlish Warren, Dartmoor and Plymouth. 


Year 12 

Unit 1 Global Challenges (60% of total AS marks) - World at Risk and Going Global

Unit 2 

Geographical Investigations (40% of total AS level marks) - Crowded Coasts and Rebranding Places


The examination for Unit 1 will be 1 hour 30minutes and will have two sections. Questions will be data response and short answer in Section A and longer/guided essay questions in Section B. The examination for Unit 2 will be 1 hour 15 minutes in two sections. Candidates will answer one physical question from Section A and one human question from Section B.

Year 13 

Unit 3 Contested Planet (60% of total A2 level marks)
Unit 4 Geographical Research (40% of total A2 level marks)


Unit 3 is examined in a 2 hour 30 minutes examination comprising one section of short essay questions and a Synoptic Investigation. Unit 4 is assessed by a 1 hour 30 minutes examination. Candidates select and answer one question that relates to the option they have studied.


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PASS RATE at A Level
PASS RATE at A Level
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