Drama & Theatre Studies


This course could be your entrance and passport to Higher Education, the worlds of theatre, film and TV, Public Relations, marketing, business, journalism or any one of numerous communication industries!

The A Level demands practical, creative and communication skills in almost equal measure, as well as reading and research.

Students will:

  • Extend their ability to create drama and theatre either in performing or production roles
  • Write about drama and develop powers of analysis and criticism
  • Study plays, playwrights and practitioners


Students need to have:

ü Curiosity about issues and ideas

ü A creative instinct for communication through drama

ü An interest in gaining a greater understanding of how theatre and plays work

ü An interest in acting, directing or design

ü An interest in theatre companies and their work

ü Grade C or above in GCSE Drama or equivalent




Year 12    AS Level


Unit 1

Written exam

  1. Response to live theatre
  2. Study of one set play

      ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ Shakespeare


Unit 2


Presentation of an Extract from a play

With supporting written response



Year 13    A2 Level


Unit 3



Study of two set plays

A.       Pre-20th century drama

B.        20th century or contemporary drama


Unit 4


Presentation of devised drama

With supporting written response



Ms P Absalom   BA (Hons) PGCE English & Drama  

did you know?

A* & A at A Level