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Meet The Staff


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Kerstin Sorensen-Parkes Head of LS/SENCO
Natasha Rose SENCO Prep School/Reception Class Teacher
Alexis Coster Maths/Science Support Teacher/PE
Maria Wolbold LSA (Social skills, Behaviour, ADHD)
Geraldine Thompson LSA (ADHD/Visual Impairment)
Mandi Roberts LSA (Access arrangements , Autism)
Shan Hunt LSA (Autism/Behaviour/ADHD)
Judey Ford LSA (Dyslexia/TEFL)
Nabila Hussain LSA (Dyspraxia)
Pyone Edworthy LSA/Science Teacher


A Quote from Stover

The School has taught all 3 of my daughters how to learn with enjoyment.

Year 11 Parent

did you know?

A* - B at A Level
A* - B at A Level