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During Open Day, or if you choose to make an appointment for a personal visit, you will have the opportunity to meet the SENCO for an initial introduction.

We will then arrange a longer meeting to discuss your child’s needs in more detail and would appreciate it if you could bring copies of any written information e.g. previous school reports, Ed. Psych. Reports, any other assessments and if applicable, the statement of SEN. 

We recommend that you arrange a taster day for your child and the SENCO will ensure that all teachers are informed of your child’s specific needs. 
If you decide that Stover School is the right place for your child we then, if appropriate, liaise with your child’s current school and any outside agencies involved to ensure a smooth transition.


All pupils in Year 7 and 9 as well as new pupils entering school mid-term take part in a screening assessment. The assessment consists of attainment tests for reading, spelling, handwriting, writing speed and Maths. If there are concerns about the results further individual screening is normally undertaken. Parents will be contacted to discuss further recommendations which could include individual support, additional equipment or possibly an Educational Psychologist assessment for a more in-depth insight.

In the Preparatory School - If there are any further concerns teachers will be referred to the SENCO.