Art - Fine Art


Examination Board: AQA

AS/A-level Art encourages a broad approach which allows students to develop a sound grounding in a number of areas while still exploring the subject in-depth. Students are able to take either the Art or Textiles course as well as the Photography course to build up a strong Arts portfolio.

The Art course at Stover allows students to develop skills in a range of media. The course allows students flexibility to experiment with different techniques and to specialise if they so wish. Students are encouraged to build on their successes at GCSE and begin to work in a more conceptual manner. Making connections with other artists and designers becomes more and more important, and trips and gallery visits are offered to enrich experiences.




Scheme of Assessment

The Advanced Subsidiary (AS) forms 50% of the assessment weighting of the full A-level. Advanced Subsidiary can be taken as a stand-alone specification or as part of the full A-level course. 

Advanced Subsidiary - Candidates take Units 1 and 2.

A-level - Candidates take Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Unit 3 is a written project).


Specification Units

 Name Level Name  Duration  Weighting
 1 AS Coursework  -  AS - 50%   A-Level - 25%
 2 AS Controlled Assignment  5 hours  AS - 50%   A-Level - 25%
 3 A2 Coursework  -                 A-Level - 25%
 4 A2 Controlled Test  15 hours                 A-Level - 25%

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PASS RATE at A Level
PASS RATE at A Level