Art - Fashion and Textiles


Examination Board: AQA

AS/A-level Art: Fashion and Textiles encourages a broad approach which allows students to develop a sound grounding in both fashion and textiles while still exploring the subject in-depth. Students are able to take either the Art or Textiles course and Photography course to build up a strong Arts portfolio.

The Fashion and Textiles course at Stover allows students to either specialise in Textile Design or Fashion Design or both. Pupils are strongly encouraged to explore the work of as wide a range of  designers and artists as possible to provide inspiration for their own work. The course is taught as an art course and candidates are expected to develop their drawing skills through a life drawing class. This is very important when designing for fashion. Apart from making large pieces of finalised work, sketch books are kept and a folder of studies and research is developed over the course. The Personal Study (A level) or Personal Investigation (AS level) which is part of the course, allows students to study some aspect of Design in-depth. This normally takes the form of an original illustrated study. Regular trips and gallery visits are on offer to enrich experiences and inspire work.


The Advanced Subsidiary (AS) forms 50% of the assessment weighting of the full A-level. Advanced Subsidiary can be taken as a stand-alone specification or as part of the full A-level course. 

Advanced Subsidiary      Candidates take Units 1 and 2

A-level                                  Candidates take Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Unit 3 is a written project).        

Specification Units

    Unit       Level          Name                              Duration                            Weighting

                                                                                                                               AS             A-level

    1              AS                Coursework                                   -                                  50%               25%

    2              AS                Controlled Assignment                5 hours                            50%               25%

    3              A2                Coursework                                            -                                              25%

    4              A2                Controlled Test                          15 hours                                                25%

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