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Stover Summer School Excursions


Included in the programme fee are two excursions per week; a full day excursion on Wednesdays and a half day excursion on Sunday afternoon.

Optional excursions on Saturdays are at an extra cost ranging from £5 to £30 dependent on the activity (examples include: shopping in Exeter, horse riding on Dartmoor and high rope walking in the national park). Students do not have to attend the supplementary Saturday activity but can instead relax at school where there will always be activities to engage students and staff to monitor.

Excursions can be filled with activity and adventure, challenging students’ outdoor skills and keeping them moving while trying new things, or can include visiting local cities and towns while enjoying the Devon countryside. Examples of our complimentary excursions include: sailing, survival days (rock climbing and den building), walking on Dartmoor, Laser Battles, shopping, fish and chips dinner and beach days.

All of our excursions are staff supervised and are exciting and fun. Students get to experience English culture and challenge themselves to try new activities or foods while developing their Language skills.

Please click on the Booking Forms and Brochure link to the left for detailed excursion itineraries for Summer 2014.