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Why board at Stover?

The full package

Boarding at Stover offers the blend of the expected care, support and enrichment, along with the flexibility that one needs from a modern boarding school. This is an exciting time to join a flourishing area of the school. With structure and activities throughout the week and trips and activities on the weekends, the students are kept busy and engaged. We have a strong focus on ensuring that academic rigour is at the heart of the working week, and all students are prepared well for personal study as they move through the school. With the wonderful environment that surrounds Stover, the students quickly realise that they are very privileged to be growing up in such a place.

Stover Boarding offer the full options for boarding - flexi, weekly and full boarding. Weekly and Flexi boarders have the opportunity to have access to all of the facilities in the evening, but also have structured prep sessions and academic support. This means that from an intensive week, they can come home to relax at the weekend with family and friends.

A Vibrant Community

The boarding prefects play a key role in mentoring and supporting the younger boarders. They bring forward views of boarders at the tearmly welfare meeting at which they discuss boarding with the Chair of Governors and the Deputy Principal who overseas the boarding provision.

Competition games take place each week with games organised between the Sharks, Dolphins and Tigers. Preperations are due to start for the first boarding house Christmas Song Competition to be held following the boarders Christmas Dinner at the end of term.

Developing the individual

The grounds and facilities on offer for the boarders are obviously fantastic, however, its the ethos and life skills that are constantly promoted that allow for the development of the individual. With it being a relatively small boarding community, there is excellent pastoral care coupled with the devlopment of independence along with learning to live within an international community. Internationalism is at the heart of what we do here, and all students will benefit learning about other cultures; they will inevitably be sharing university dorms, work places, and travelling when they leave us at Stover, so the days spent with their international boarder friends will be invaluable. 

Why board at Stover? You might need to ask why not board at Stover.....

A Quote from Stover

There is so much to do here; the problem is deciding what to choose. I have great friends here and we get to do lots of activities, which makes a nice change from lessons.

Year 9 Pupil

did you know?

PASS RATE at A Level
PASS RATE at A Level
PASS RATE at A Level