School Day


Registration for Senior School pupils takes place at 8.30am. Parents may drop off their children from 8am. Throughout the week we have a variety of assemblies which run from 8.40am to 9.00am, these include Whole School Assemblies, Awards Assemblies, House Assemblies and Form time.

Our mid-morning break allows the pupils time to relax and socialise with friends in our fabulous grounds between morning lessons.

A wide variety of clubs and activities are offered for Senior School pupils from 12noon. This is designed to maximise curriculum time and, at the same time, offer a wider programme of co-curricular activities that can be accessed by more pupils.

Lunchtimes are one of the highlights of the day. Pupils enjoy freshly prepared, award winning food, in our bright and cheery dining hall. There is a break after lunch followed by afternoon lessons.

The School day ends at 4.30pm.

The School buses depart at 4.45pm.


Wrap-around Care

Consist of a fully supervised Breakfast Club (from age 6 upwards) from 7.30am each day and full evening supervision through to 6.30pm each day.

Contact details for further information or to book are as follows:

• Breakfast Club – Senior School Office on 01626 354505 or email

• After School Care (Prep School) – Prep School Office on 01626 359936 or email

Wrap-around Care

Stover's 'Wrap-around Care' consist of a fully supervised Breakfast Club from 7.30am each day and full evening supervision through to 6.30pm each day. A Day Boarding option is also available for Senior School pupils up to 9pm.

• Breakfast Club

• Supper Club

• Day Boarding

For further information or to book please contact the Senior School Office on 01626 354505 or email 


Type      Details

Breakfast Club

Instead of making breakfast at home why not drop your children off early at school for a Stover breakfast. The dining room opens every day at 7.30am and here your children can enjoy a leisurely breakfast with their friends and prepare for the school day.

Breakfast - £5 for full English breakfast

Drop off at dining room from 7.30am to 8.00am  (Breakfast finishes at 8.15am).

Senior School children are to be in their form rooms once they have finished their breakfast

Supper Club


After school care for Senior School pupils - 4.30pm to 6.30pm incl. supper.

For £5 provision includes

After school care in boarding from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

A good quality Stover supper

Collection from the dining room at 6.30pm. 

Day Boarding

Supervised Prep from 5pm – 6pm

6pm there is a hearty dinner

Prep from 8 ‐ 9pm (depending on year group)

Day boarders can then relax with friends in their boarding house until bedtime

Day boarders can be picked up at either 7 or 9pm

Structured prep sessions

Reduction of travel time and travel costs each week

Three wonderful Stover meals each day

Social time in the evening to relax with friends

Evening activities – details on request 



A Quote from Stover

My son couldn't wait to start at the Senior School. He wasn't scared because he already felt at home. I felt that he hit the ground running when he started in Year 7


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