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Welcome to Stover

Everyone who visits Stover - pupils, parents, staff and visitors - recognise that this is a very special place. Perhaps it is our location, in the foothills of Dartmoor yet in the heart of Devon's glorious countryside, just a few miles from the sea, that makes Stover unique. We are a close and warm community, all working towards one goal - the education of children, from the early years, right through until they become young adults.

Excellence in teaching and nurturing of pupils lies at the heart of all we do at Stover. These dual objectives drive our decisions and shape our priorities. By teaching I include, along with our excellent academic results that we continually achieve year after year, our teaching of important life skills such as self-confidence, self-esteem, respect for others and care for the community.

As a Christian school, we teach children about the value of moral standards and good standards of behaviour. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that recognises natural talents and nurtures the individual. As a relatively small school we know every pupil very well; their needs, how they learn, and these strong relationships, which develop as they grow, are the foundations for their achievements at Stover and beyond.

My aim is that every child who comes into the school will enjoy their experience at Stover and will look back on their school days with affection. I want them to have reached out with confidence to achieve the best they are capable of, to have grasped new opportunities and challenges and to leave Stover equipped with the qualifications and skills for life as an adult.

A prospectus can only do so much to show you all we have to offer. I would encourage you to come and see for yourself. As a Boarding School we are always open and here to welcome visitors. Please take the opportunity to discover for yourself what we mean by a Stover Education.

Sue Bradley
Mrs S Bradley BSc CBiol MSB

A Quote from Stover

Excellence in teaching and nurturing pupils lie at the heart of all we do at Stover

Mrs Sue Bradley, Principal