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Food and Diet

Stover School's Weekly Menu

The Catering Provision at Stover

Active growing children and young people require plenty of wholesome food and regular meals. At Stover, we believe that we can offer something that will satisfy everyone. We use as much fresh food as possible with our menus linked to seasonal produce. We work with our suppliers to make as much use as appropriate of natural food products and to eliminate GM food and potentially harmful food additives. We ensure that our suppliers both local and national are committed to providing best quality and value with high standards of health and safety.

Our food

Stover takes considerable pride in the quality and variety of its food offering, placing emphasis on the importance of, and pastoral and social benefits of, eating together as a community. Having recently been awarded the Best School Dinners Award 2011 Stover aims to provide a healthy balance giving pupils the confidence and ability to choose a balanced meal. Lower fat choices are highlighted on the menu.

All our food is cooked on-site using fresh ingredients where possible.

Catering is provided by the in-house team led by Paul Milward, Catering Manager who is available to answer any questions or discuss any particular requirements. All parents are very welcome to come and sample lunch – you won’t be disappointed!

Our menus

We offer a wide choice of hot and cold food with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and salads. At morning break-time the dining room becomes a meeting place and fresh fruit is always available for pupils to help themselves. Weekly menus are put onto our website. We offer our pupils a widely varied, healthy and tasty diet. We cater for all tastes and preferences and including special diet requests and requirements.


At Stover we want our boarders to really enjoy our food. We recognise the importance of providing a quality menu with flexibility and choice which we hope our pupils enjoy. A great deal of time is spent on menu planning and we are able to adapt to different menu styles and requests. We encourage our pupils to have their own say about the food we offer and have our own suggestion box which pupils can use. We also offer ‘make a menu’ meals where the students decide what the menu will be!

Breakfast at Stover offers a wide selection of cereals with toast and juices. A hot option is also available and pupils help themselves to their own particular choice. Hot chocolate croissants, fresh the oven, are a firm favourite!

Lunch for many of our boarders is the main meal of the day and we operate a servery-style counter service. The menu is varied offering both traditional favourites alongside Eastern/European options. Pupils may choose from a selection of hot dishes with freshly cooked vegetables or opt for a salad lunch from the extensive salad selection. A full salad bar is always on offer as an option or accompaniment. Fresh fruit is always available.

Supper at Stover is served at 6pm in the dining room and we do recognise that whilst some pupils prefer their main meal at lunchtime, others prefer theirs in the evening and because of this our supper offering is equally as substantial. The menu, whilst being entirely different from lunchtime, follows the same servery-style counter service pattern.

After supper snacks may be available in the Boarding Houses.


Stover Wins First Prize for ‘The Best School Dinners’

Stover wins first prize for ‘The Best School Dinners’ from The Archant Good Schools Show held at Olympia, London. The award was for ‘schools who provide consistent nutritious meals for pupils’ and was nominated by parents and pupils. ‘Stover is delighted to be recognised for the effort and hard work that their catering department consistently deliver to produce the quality of food and variety of menu options for the school’ Sue Bradley, Principal.

During the Award Ceremony, Tom Parker-Bowles, a definite foodie who writes for several national newspapers, asked what made Stover’s food so popular. Paul Milward, Catering Manager at Stover School and hands on chef explained “it’s all about quality, choice and flexibility. Being able to buy the best, serve what the pupils enjoy and respond to different needs is what it’s all about”. Stover benefits from close connections with excellent suppliers who also strongly believe in the quality and freshness of the products used. “Our salad bar is very popular and pupils also enjoy the other healthy options too! Paul invited Tom down to Devon to visit Stover for lunch and the invitation remains open.

Whilst taking into account changing cultures and nationalities Stover’s menu is planned weekly according to availability and choice. A typical menu will include a selection of hot meals including one healthy option and a vegetarian option, soup of the day with crusty bread, large salad bar, a choice of puddings and variety of fresh fruit.

A Quote from Stover

Stover is delighted to be recognised for the effort and hard work that our catering department consistently deliver to produce the quality of food and variety of menu options

Mr Richard Notman, Executive Head Teacher