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Boarding Life

Community living

For some, it can be a real shock to the system joining a community, however, all soon settle into what is a very pleasant and enjoyable way to live. Life-long friends will be made in moments, and the skills of tolerance, organisation and engagement with others develop very quickly. The preparation for life after school that boarding provides is invaluable. Many students will go on to University; they will be well-prepared for their first halls of residence experience!

Evenings and Weekends

Evenings in the week are aimed at ensuring academic study is at the forefront of the boarders mind. There is structured prep sessions. We also aim to develop the individuals own study ethos, and encourage personal study outside of set prep times. Facilities in the school are open with many students choosing to use the music rehearsal rooms or the sports hall. Weekends are for relaxing, along with some academic study on Sunday morning. There is always an activity and trip planned for Saturday or Sunday, including trips to the aquarium, zoo, local sports fixtures, paintballing, Dartmoor, cinema, theatre, and local shopping areas. There will also be some trips further afield, for example the Clothes Show Live always proves popular! We have Sunday Service on sunday mornings after a late breakfast.

Free Time

Depending upon their age, boarders are allowed to go out in the evening and at the weekend, at the Houseparent's discretion and provided that the School has received permission from parents/guardians. We need to know where pupils are at all times, so a pupil must always inform staff before leaving the Boarding House for any reason. Pupils must carry a working mobile so that thay can be contacted at anytime.

There are Skype laptops in every House and all computers in the Boarding Houses are linked to the Boarders’ Network.


All meals, are taken in the school dining room together as a community.  There is an excellent variety and choice of meals provided.  In addition, the Houses provide daily ‘stores’ which include milk, bread, butter, spreads, juice and a selection of fruit.  Boarders may bring in their own tuck but space for any fresh produce is limited in the house fridges.  No food may be taken in the dorms.

Overnight Stays

If a student plans to stay away from the Boarding House at the weekend, the housestaff need confirmation of your weekend arrangements by Thursday night, at the latest.  Parental/Guardian permission is required in order to be out of school overnight at the weekend.  It is at the Houseparents’ discretion whether a student is allowed out overnight during the week and parental permission will be required for this too.

Personal Finances

All boarders have pocket money and may withdraw money from their account through the duty member of staff.  Boarders are also able to set up high street bank accounts. 

A Quote from Stover

Boarding is like a ‘mini world’ where people actually get on with each other. It has been fun getting to know people from different nationalities while being in a British setting.

Sian Wood, 18

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