Media Elements



Examination Board: AQA                                                           

Specification code: 8145


The emphasis of the new specification is not just to learn history but to learn from history. Pupils can engage with key issues such as conflict and understand what drives change and how the past influences the present. The course will give a firm grounding in the skills of objective investigation, analysis and argument, both written and oral.

Compulsory elements are:

  1. A thematic study over time (Britain: power and the people) – requiring pupils to understand change and continuity over a long period of time.


  1. A period study of at least 50 years (America 1920–1973: opportunity and inequality) – where pupils are required to understand an unfolding narrative of developments and issues associated with the period.


  1. One British depth study to include a study of the historical environment (Norman England 1066-c1100) – which looks at the relationship between a place and historical events or developments.


4.    One European/wider world depth study: either conflict and tension 1894–1918 or conflict and tension 1918–1939



Paper 1: written paper, 1¾ hours, 50% of total marks

Paper 2: written paper, 1¾ hours, 50% of total marks

Mr P Barter BA