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Examination Board: AQA Specification B                            Specification code: 4047

The GCSE specification is a Modern History syllabus that focuses on the major events and personalities of the 20th Century. In so doing, it seeks to take you forward from and builds upon, all the History you have covered so far. The aim is to provide both a clearer understanding of the present from a detailed study of the recent past and a firm grounding in the skills of objective investigation, analysis and argument, both written and oral. A range of up-to-date texts is available, and the department is well stocked with videos and DVDs, which are used when appropriate. Skills gained can be carried forward to A Level, or hold good as they are. In either event, History is an excellent subject for developing a trained, well-disciplined mind and for nurturing and sustaining an interest in the past.

The syllabus is in three parts as follows:

Unit 1 Written Paper                      1 hour 45 minutes – 60 marks - 37.5% of total marks

History in outline study of:

International Relations: Conflict and Peace in the 20th Century, 1901 – 1955


Unit 2 Written Paper                      1 hour 45 minutes – 60 marks - 37.5% of total marks

Two of the three following Depth Studies:

1. Russia/USSR, 1914 - 1941

2. Germany, 1919 - 1939

3. The USA, 1919 - 1941


Unit 3: Historical Enquiry (Controlled Assessment)

40 marks – 25% of the total


One unit of study from the following aspects of British History: 

  • The British People in War
  • Britain at War
  • Britain and the Aftermath of War
  • The Changing role and Status of Women in Britain since 1900


The controlled assessment unit will completed in Year 11, i.e. when the requisite skills have been sufficiently acquired and developed. The likely unit of study will be Britain at War. This will focus on how different methods of fighting and modes of warfare developed in the First and Second World Wars. It also links well with the biennial field trip to the Flanders and Somme battlefield sites.

Mr P Barter BA (Hons)