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Examination Board:  AQA                                                     

Specification code:  8035


Subject Content


1.    Living with the physical environment:

The dynamic nature of processes in physical geography, and how humans interact with them.

- Tectonic hazards, tropical storms, extreme weather in the UK, climate change.

- Physical landscapes in the UK. Two from: coastal landscapes, river landscapes, glacial landscapes.

- The living world including: ecosystems, tropical rainforests and either hot deserts or cold environments.


2.    Challenges in the human environment:

Human processes, systems and outcomes and how they change over time, and from place to place.

- Urban issues and challenges.

- The changing economic world.

- Resource management, including one from: food, water or energy.


3.    Geographical applications:

- Evaluation of geographical issues.

- Two pieces of fieldwork from contrasting environments, (physical and human).

- Geographical skills: cartographic, graphical, numerical and statistical.



Paper 1: Living with the physical environment (written exam).

1½ hours 35% of overall mark.


Paper 2: Challenges to the human environment (written exam)

1½ hours 35% of overall mark.


Paper 3: Geographical applications (written exam)

1 hour 30% of overall mark.

Mr S Griffin BEd