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Home Economics

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Examination Board:  WJEC Eduqas                            

Specification code:  C560P


This GCSE follows on from the Year 9 Home Economics course. There is a strong emphasis on practical work, with 50% of the lessons being based on developing practical cookery skills. In addition to the GCSE, pupils will have the opportunity to be entered for RSPH nutrition and food safety qualifications.


Course Content:

Unit 1: Food commodities. Study a range of foods and ingredients such as bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, soya, tofu, beans, fats, and sugars. Cook with these different foods to understand how they contribute to a balanced meal.


Unit 2: Principles of nutrition. Understand the role of different nutrients in the body. Plan and cook meals for people with different nutritional needs.


Unit 3: Diet and health. Understand the most recent recommendations for a healthy diet. Cook a range of dishes to promote healthy eating in society.


Unit 4: The science of food. Through experimental work, learn about the changes that take place in food preparation and cooking. This unit helps you to understand how you can develop your own recipes.


Unit 5: Where food comes from. Understand the origins of our food and how food is processed, manufactured and packaged.


Unit 6: Cooking and food preparation. Understand the factors that influence our food choice. Prepare and cook dishes to demonstrate your cooking and food preparation techniques.



Component 1: Principles of Food Preparation and Nutrition.

This is externally assessed in one examination of 1 hour 45 minutes, worth 50% of the GCSE. The written paper has two sections. Section A: Questions based on stimulus material. Section B: Structured, short and extended response questions.


Component 2: Food Preparation and Nutrition in Action.

There are two tasks, which together are worth 50% of the GCSE. Both assessments are internally assessed and externally moderated. These are practical assessments, which are completed with supporting written work.


Task 1: A Food Investigation Assessment: this will assess the pupil’s knowledge, practical skills and understanding, in relation to the scientific principles underlying the preparation and cooking of food.

Task 2: A Food Preparation Assessment: pupils will prepare, cook and present a menu which will assess their skills in preparing, cooking and presenting food.


These assessments will be based on a choice of tasks released by the WJEC.

Mrs E Barnes BEd