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Home Economics


Home Economics

Home Economics is a broad subject that encompasses Food Technology and over the years has been given many titles from ‘Domestic Science’ to ‘Food and Nutrition and Social Care’. At Stover, we remain a Home Economics Department as that is the subject we continue to teach at GCSE and A Level. In Years 7 to 9 we teach the subject within the heading of Technology but we maintain the teaching of skills and organisation determined that all Stover pupils will know how to cook when they leave us!


In Year 7 we follow on from the very basic skills taught to Year 6 pupils starting with an understanding of how to handle food safely and hygienically whilst understanding the relationship between health and nutrition. Pupils are introduced to packaging and food labelling and how the nutritional needs of individuals differ. A variety of dishes including rice and potato dishes, healthy cakes, salads and baked sandwiches are prepared by the pupils. In the summer term pupils develop a knowledge of basic food commodities; eggs, milk, cheese, meat and fish developing their practical skills and nutrition understanding further.

In Year 8 pupils extend their practical skills by designing and making flavoured bread; developing that into designing ad making a pizza and pasta dish. Healthy eating is a theme that runs through all the topics and in this year pupils also look in depth at cook-chill products. In the spring term we link with the Geography department to produce ‘coastal cakes’. A fun competition follows where ‘sugar sand’ and icing cliffs are judged by the head of humanities! In the summer term we focus on understanding the link between nutrition and health; a particularly ‘hot topic’. We want our pupils to develop a good understanding of how to prepare tasty, health nutritious food and.

In Year 9 pupils Undertake a food hygiene course; ‘Royal Society for Public Health Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering’ to consolidate their learning of hygiene and food safety. This is an excellent qualification to hold and many pupils have gone on to secure weekend jobs in cafes and restaurants using this qualification. To extend their practical skills a celebration cake is designed, made and decorated with the pupils having the opportunity to see the work of a professional cake decorator who comes into school to inspire and help the pupils.


From September 2013, Pupils who decide to take the subject further will embark on a 2 year course offered by WJEC; Home Economics: Food and Nutrition. With a firm basis in Food, Nutrition, Hygiene and practical skills our pupils are well prepared to take on this particular GCSE course. With a final examination worth 40% of the total mark, 60% is allocated to controlled assessment; the element of the course in which pupils can demonstrate their practical skills.

Sixth Form

Pupils who discover they have a particular aptitude towards food and nutrition may further their interest by taking A Level Home Economics. The 2 year course consists of 4 modules with pupils studying Health and Society and Resource Management for AS and Nutrition and Food Production for A2. A more detailed food study is completed at A2 level with pupils having complete responsibility for their project. Previous projects have produced a range of new products including a sparkling Jelly Christmas pudding, gluten free pasta and pizza and a new school lunch recipe. Pupils who have studied A Level Home Economics have used their qualification to pursue careers in teaching, Hospitality and Catering and Recipe Development.

Extra -Curricular Activities

We are very proud of our cross curricular links with other departments and have joined with Modern Foreign Languages, helping pupils to follow recipes in another language; produced coastal themed cakes for Geography and helped the Science department demonstrate insulation via Baked Alaska. Our clubs have also proved very popular, with pupils in Year 9 designing, making and decorating cupcakes in ‘CupCake Wars’ and Year 11 learning new skills such as Filleting fish and jointing chicken. We are already planning new clubs for next term with our ‘chocolate society’ and the ‘Stover Bake off’ already gaining interest!