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Drama features in the curriculum as an option at GCSE. Drama at Stover is all about learning through disciplined 'play'. Pupils learn to communicate effectively through words and through movement.  We encourage a safe and open forum for children to explore their own identity and that of others in real and imaginary worlds. Our focus is to unlock young people's imagination and empathy and give them courage to take risks.

Drama is an ideal platform for pupils to gain confidence, particularly when faced with an audience and we encourage everyone to participate in our dramatic productions. We have a dedicated drama studio and a performance space equipped with stage lighting.

We aim to develop important life skills that pupils will find essential in an adult world - communicating, negotiating, collaborating and problem solving - and we see pupils confidently and successfully mastering these through their Drama work.

Examination Board: OCR -  Specification code: J315

Students will gather knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre related skills, and of the social, historical and cultural influences that inform the way drama is devised and structured. The course focuses on and assesses the drama process as well as the final product.

During the course, students will develop:

  • qualities of imagination
  • the ability to create drama
  • ways of communicating intention
  • skills in working with others to a common purpose
  • the beginnings of artistic evaluation

There are three compulsory units to the examination; two will be internally assessed via controlled assessment and the final unit is assessed by a visiting examiner.   Opportunity is given for performing in front of a live audience, to gain feedback and to develop and improve individual and group performance, as well as to critically evaluate one’s own work and that of others.


Unit A581: From Page to Stage

Study of how a published text is animated and brought to life for an audience; working to the intention of the original playwright; performing an extract from the text and completing a working record.

Unit A582: Drama in the Making

Exploring and understanding of the devising process using stimulus material; delivering a Workshop Presentation and completing a working record.

Unit A583: From Concept to Creation

Exploring and realising as a Practical presentation one of four given examination briefs to include a text extract and/or stimulus provided (using the process of research & development, preparation & rehearsal, performance); completing a working record.

Ms P Absalom BA (Hons)