Media Elements




Examination Board: AQA - Specification code: 4200                              

The course followed in Years 10 and 11 in Art and Design is the AQA GCSE unendorsed examination. Unendorsed means that you are expected to produce work in a range of media. This will include:


1.            Painting

2.            Drawing

3.            Printing

4.            Mixed media

5.            Photography

6.            Textiles

7.            Sculpture

8.            Ceramics


Coursework comprises 60% of the overall grade, and an externally set assignment is worth 40%. What this effectively means is that all work produced, from the first lesson in Year 10 to the 10 hour exam at the end of Year 11, contributes towards the overall grade. As well as the work done in class pupils are expected to complete further investigations, research and drawings in their own time. There will be at least one preparation piece each week.

The course is broken down into four assessment objectives and evidence must be shown, in the portfolio of work, for all four:

  1. Observational drawing
  2. Research into other artists’ work
  3. Development of your ideas
  4. A final piece which realises your ideas

The course allows for an individual response to Art and Design themes. Pupils are expected to do research and show individual initiative. Emphasis is placed upon showing how personal ideas have developed from a starting point to final realisation. Observation drawing is an important skill, as is the ability to make good connections with the work of other artists. There will be visits to galleries and exhibitions both locally and in London/other cities. This should help critical and informed judgements to be made which show sensitivity and aesthetic appreciation.

During the course pupils will gain confidence in various media that suit them and begin to develop a style that best expresses what they want to communicate. It is important to show personal development, improvement and commitment.

Miss C Bennett BA (Hons)