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Physical Education

Examination Board: OCR                                                           

Specification code: J587


Introduction: Pupils foster an enjoyment of and involvement in physical activity as part of a healthy, active lifestyle; and develop an understanding of effective and safe physical performance. There are two practical and two theory lessons per week, plus one prep per week.


Course Content:

·         Anatomy and physiology and physical training

·         Socio-cultural influences, sports psychology, health fitness and well being

·         Practical activity assessment; one each from the team and individual list, plus another from either list i.e. 3 in total

·         Evaluating and analysing performance


In other words….

The GCSE PE course covers a wide variety of theory. This ranges from learning about the body, the muscles and bones, to the way our body changes when we exercise and how it adapts to cope with the demands of physical activity. It also looks at how we learn things, what a good performance is, how to be active and healthy, our diet, training and coaching. We also study ethical issues in sport, sports psychology, pathways into sport, participation rates, and why we get involved in physical activity. 


Much of the theory is learnt through practical activities, so we are not always in the classroom. Pupils should therefore be enthusiastic about sport and enjoy taking part.  Pupils eventually have to be assessed in three activities. These can be school based or external activities. 


There is a piece of controlled assessment which involves analysing a performer in a chosen sport and creating an action plan to improve their performance.





Unit 1             Physical factors affecting performance

                        External assessment - 1 hour written paper (30% of total)


Unit 2             Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology

                        External assessment - 1 hour written paper (30% of total)


Unit 3             Performance in physical education

                        Non exam assessment - includes controlled assessment (40% of total)


Mrs T Craven BA


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