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A Stover Education



Your child will become part of one school family that learns together and lives together in a close community. Children can join us from aged three and many stay until they are eighteen, from all walks of life, from all corners of the world and with a wide range of abilities; they develop and grow in a warm and secure environment.


Your child will grow in confidence, secure in the knowledge that their natural talents will be nurtured, and that they can count on our support every step of the way. Whether they are talented academically, or in Music, or Sports, or in Drama and Art, their abilities will be recognised, developed and celebrated. 


Your child can grasp all the opportunities we offer here to learn and develop skills to equip them for life and achieve their aspirations. We tailor teaching to fit each child’s abilities and encourage them to go one step further and reach their full potential.


Your child will learn to treat people with respect, to care for those in need, to be generous with their support for others and recognise the impact of the decisions they make. In the same way, they will receive our care and support as they meet their own challenges of growing up.


Students leave Stover happy and confident, with hopes and dreams for their next steps and ready to take on the challenge of adulthood. They look back on their Stover Education with great memories and a lasting affection for their school days.

A Quote from Stover

Excellence in teaching and nurturing pupils lie at the heart of all we do at Stover

Mrs Karen Veal, Deputy Principal

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