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Boarding Activities

There are many clubs and societies to join at School, which take place during the school day. These range from sporting activities, including Horse Riding and Golf, to debating and RC Car club. During the week, the main free time for boarders is between 4.30pm and 6pm. It is really up to each individual as to how they structure their free time, although during this time each pupil is expected to take part in an activity on a regular basis.

Each house have common rooms and are equipped with TVs, Nintendo Wiis and DVD players. Each house receives daily newspapers for everyone to read.

Throughout the year the Boarding Houses organise various parties within each house and with the whole boarding community. These include Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter and Leavers’ Parties. We also celebrate Birthdays and encourage pupils to make gifts for their friends!

During the lighter evenings, boarders can take advantage of the wonderful grounds for sport and recreation. Barbecues and picnics are a feature of life at Stover in the warmer months. 

Evening activities are usually run by the GAP students, and are conducted around prep times. Currently on offer include sports nights - tennis, baseball, basketball, football, frisbee - pilates, art, dance, craft, textiles, cookery, quiz nights and a cinema nights.

Weekends are a time to relax after a busy week of work. We plan a programme of activities to explore the beautiful Devon countryside, as well as trips to the theatre, aquarium, sports fixtures, museums, cinema and to the zoo. Sometimes we go further afield to explore the cultural opportunities in the South West. Weekends are also a time for boarders to continue their studies, using the Library and the Sixth Form Centre.


Alongside the extensive activities that are available to boarders on-site, we also have the optional trips at the weekend. At school the boarders have full access to the music rooms, the art block, the indoor courts, the floodlit courts and the outdoor pitches. There is also organised walks down in to Stover Country park.

All trips are completely optional. Prices are approximate, and the charge will be on the school bill at the end of term. We will assume that your son or daughter has asked permission if they sign up for the trip.

Some trips will be subject to availability and a minimum number to sign up.


A Quote from Stover

“You get to have many friends and there are lots of new things to experience like dancing, badminton and eating pancakes!”

Haleemah, 9

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PASS RATE at A Level
PASS RATE at A Level