Stover's boarding houses provide a safe and caring community where boys and girls are valued as individuals but have the opportunity to make friends with children from a range of backgrounds and nationalities. The genuine family atmosphere this creates, where each person's gifts are welcomed and valued, is part of Stover's unique appeal.

Pupils live in dormitories and rooms of different sizes where they develop friendships that often last a lifetime. Each House has a Common Room where pupils can relax together in comfortable surroundings. Younger boarders benefit from interaction with and advice from older students. Older pupils help to supervise prep and act as informal mentors to younger or new boarders.

Each boarding house is staffed by a Houseparent and an Assistant Houseparent who contribute to the running of the house and the provision of activities in the evenings and at weekends. Sometimes we also have assistance from a gap year student who has agreed to work with us before university. This additional young person in the Boarding house is very popular with the pupils. Boarding prefects represent the boarders on the School Council.

Facilities include a tuck shop, an Internet Cafe and a fully-equipped kitchen, from which newly baked cakes often emerge! During the lighter evenings, boarders can take advantage of the wonderful grounds for sport and recreation. Barbecues and picnics are a feature of life at Stover in the warmer months.  Evening activities  include sport, art, dance, craft, textiles, cookery and a DVD night.

Weekends are a time to relax after a busy week of work. We plan a programme of activities to explore the beautiful Devon countryside, as well as trips to the theatre and cinema, to the zoo, and shopping in Exeter and Plymouth. Sometimes we go further afield to explore the cultural opportunities in the South West. Weekends are also a time for boarders to continue their studies, using the library and the Sixth Form Centre.

Flexible boarding is available to all our day pupils, either regularly, for one or two nights per week, or as a one-off sleepover if parents are away.

All overseas boarders must have a guardian over the age of 25 living in the UK.

A Quote from Stover

“The best thing about Boarding is living with different people from so many cultures. It teaches you understanding and tolerance ……you learn to think of others and not be so selfish.”

Teddy, 18

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A* & A at A Level
A* & A at A Level