Senior School

These are the vital years of schooling. Children come into school at 11 and spend their teenage years in our care. For most, that is a time of immense change. They begin to explore who they are and what they believe. They learn to express themselves and to think independently. They learn what they are naturally good at and what things they need to work hard on.

Stover is a small school and it is in these critical years that this works to our advantage. With class sizes between 15 and 20, we are able to get to know each pupil and we have the time to spend with them to unlock the key to their success. Each child learns at a different pace and in a different way and our excellent teachers support every individual in order to help them fulfil their potential.

Stover has a broad ability intake and we are proud of that. We recognise the value in a diverse group of pupils that can learn from and support each other. Our bright pupils shine academically and our GCSE and A Level results are evidence of their success. Pupils that need more help are inspired by their friends and work to the top end of their ability, achieving more than they ever felt they were capable of. What matters to us is that every child at Stover does their best and feels that sense of achievement which is so important to self-confidence.

Another benefit of being a smaller school is that we can tailor our subject courses to fit the preferences of each year group as they move through the school. Our GCSE curriculum timetable is flexible so that pupils can select the subjects they want to study. As a Boarding School, our doors are never closed during term time and so pupils have access to all of our facilities even outside normal school hours if they need to do extra work. This is especially valuable for pupils taking Music, Drama, Art, Home Economics and Sports subjects.

We encourage all pupils to seize every opportunity presented to them in the Senior School. We have a full range of clubs and extra-curricular activities, making full use of our glorious surroundings and the dedication of specialist teachers and coaches.

"There is so much to do here; the problem is deciding what to choose. I have great friends here and we get to do lots of activities, which makes a nice change from lessons. My best friend is a Boarder. She is Chinese and sometimes I stay over at school when there is something on in the evening."  Year 9 Pupil

A Quote from Stover

My son couldn't wait to start at the Senior School. He wasn't scared because he already felt at home. I felt that he hit the ground running when he started in Year 7


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