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School Day


Registration for Preparatory School pupils takes place at 8.40am. Parents may drop off their children from 8.00am and the children then enjoy a playtime with friends before the start of the day. Throughout the week we have a variety of assemblies which run from 8.50am to 9.10am, these include Preparatory School Assemblies, Awards Assemblies, Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory Assemblies, Hymn and Choir practices.

Our mid-morning snack break (held separately for the Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory pupils) allows the children time to relax and socialise with friends on our fabulous playground between morning lessons.

Lunchtimes are one of the highlights of the day as we make our way over to our bright and cheery dining hall to sample our award winning food. There is a playtime after lunch followed by afternoon lessons.

At the end of the school day (3.30pm for Reception and Year 1; 3.45pm for Year 2 to 6) a wide variety of clubs and activities are offered for Prep School pupils. After school clubs run from 3.45pm till 4.30pm.

The School buses depart at 4.45pm.

A Quote from Stover

it’s a friendly atmosphere that encourages learning and we are very happy with the results

Year 13 Parent