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Friends of Stover


What is Friends of Stover (FOS)?

We are a registered charity, number 1104912, and as such governed by The Charities Commission. Further details can be found by visiting We are also a member of the National Confederation of Parent Teachers Associations (NACPTA) and have adopted their constitution which outlines how FOS should be run.

What are its aims?

The main aim is to organise fundraising and social activities for the benefit of the school and its pupils.

Who runs FOS?

FOS is run by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting held in September. The Charities Commission also requires trustees to be appointed who are usually the elected post holders. They ensure that FOS adheres to the guidelines and reporting procedures laid down by the Charities Commission.

Friends of Stover Committee as elected October 2013

Chair Mrs Lesley Turnbull
Vice Chair Vacant
Treasurer Mr Jonathan Hall
Assistant Treasurer Vacant
Secretary Rebecca Burton
Assistant Secretary Vacant
General Committee Members Lorna Burman, Sheila Austin, Sophie Patterson, Kate Tregonning 


Who are its Members?

All parents and teachers of Stover School.

What about the meetings?

Anyone is welcome to attend. They are usually held in the Blue Library and the dates can be found in the diary section of these web pages. If you are unable to attend please email and we'll be happy to send you a copy of the minutes.

What are they fundraising for?

During the past two years we have donated £3,000 towards the cost of a Stover mini bus, £300 for a new tent and two pop up shelters for the Duke Of Edinburgh Award Group, £600 for the creation of a school pond, which benefits the whole school and links to the school curriculum and a new marquee for sporting and social events. £1500 was donated to the Music Department which enabled the purchases of 15 classical guitars and accessories, 2 electrical guitars and accessories, guitar stands, amps, drum sticks and microphone stands.

In addition from all the work that FOS members do and your support and generosity, we also have been able to purchase £8000 of equipment for both Senior and Prep schools, £4000 for each school. For the Prep School these items include: a temperature sensor for the science room, sandpit toys, construction toys, 5 digital cameras, books for the library and a small oven and tricycles for the Nursery. For the Senior School items include, lighting for the Drama Department, a bowling machine for the P.E. Department and equipment for a quiet room for the SEN Department.

How can I get involved? 

Come along to an event or meeting. You can also volunteer to help at an event or perhaps become a sponsor or advertise in a publication.

Want to know more?

Simply email with any questions you may have and we'll be in touch.